Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cafe France, NAIA Terminal 3

Café France 
NAIA Terminal 3

 When traveling domestic, there are
several coffee shops worth visiting in NAIA 3
when  looking for delicious hearty snacks and meals.

The Chaikofee  is one of them but 
they ran out of sandwiches that day,


So, we headed off to Café France
located just across along the corridor.


Our all time favorite in Café France is their vanilla  flavored 
pastry  made with milk & butter  sprinkled with sugar called  
S'Choquettes, that reminds me of a local Bicolano pastry
 called Chacoy, that interestingly sounds and looks similar.

Their Chunky Chicken Sandwich
in Croissant is so delicious as the bread
melts in your mouth and you taste nothing but
 the tangy goodness of chunky bits of chicken.

I also never miss to order their yummy
3 Cheese Pizza in authentic French Baguette.

They also serve great taking Pasta Dishes,

…that goes well with their
great tasting Garlic Breads,

…and of course kids would never want
to leave without trying their great
tasting cookies and pastries.

Despite having several ‘imported’ Café’s
in Naga City, not having a Café France,

...sometimes still makes me think on how
inadequate our dining choices are back home.

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