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Red Platter Home Grown Cuisine, Homey Ambiance

Red Platter, Naga City
Home Grown Cuisine, Homey Ambiance
Red Platter is a part of a Naga based
Graceland Group, a company that owns
a chain of dining establishments in Bicol.

…that includes the Geewan, a popular turo turo
style restaurant in Naga Centro that offers
pre- cooked Bicolano specialty dishes
set in a more sanitary and stylish ambiance.

Graceland, their fast food chain arm with
branches in major cities in the Bicol Region,

Baker’s Plaza, a chain of specialty bake shop
their most prolific store so far, that has  branches
in almost all major towns and cities  in the Bicol.

…and the Red Platter, their fine dining arm located 
at Cereza in Naga City’s famous Magsaysay Strip.


We never get tired of dining in Red Platter
as it offers delicious Filipino Fusion Cuisine
set in a homey, old English Cottage setting,

…with touches of Filipino,

…and modern contemporary interiors.


They also offer affordable set meals good
for a family of six and we ordered their
All Filipino Favorites this time.

The All Filipino favorite includes
the very delicious Nilagang Baka.

This was the first time that we tried this
tasty Red Platter dish and what sets it apart
is that  the beef is so lean and tender and leaves
a flavorful beefy aftertaste at the back of
your mouth in every sip of the very hot soup.

The set meal also included Beef Kare Kare.
this Red Platter version uses pure beef
instead of the traditional oxtail, and fresh veggies
 and they perfectly  blended with the sauce
that have just the right tinge of peanuts.

There was Adobong Lechon Kangkong.
I would say that the adobong kangkong alone
was so delicious but they still topped  it with
crispy Lechon Kawali and who would say no
for the additional, delectably sinful generosity.

My family is not a fan of Pork Sisig but we
cannot do anything as this greasy dish  was
 included on the package meal and  we had a lot  
of leftover that  we had it wrapped in a doggy bag.

Although rice was included on the set meals,
I ordered an additional Arroz a’la Valenciana
as we always love this Spanish dish and the
Red Platter version of this rice dish is to die for
and one of the most delicious in the city.

The meal deal also came with a free Leche Plan
for dessert and a pitcher of Iced Tea to boot.

How’s that for only 1,480 pesos?

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