Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kambingan Restaurant: Surprisingly Excellent Chevon Dishes

Kambingan Restaurant
Surprisingly Excellent Chevon Dishes
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

I cannot count how many times we have ignored
this restaurant whenever we are looking for a
place to dine in the famous Magsaysay strip.

We have never considered the restaurant
as a dining destination as it looked like
it was meant for wining and never for dining.

But when we saw the restaurant being featured
on a local lifestyle show while the chef was having
 a live demo on how to cook Crispy Patang Kambing,
one of their best selling dishes next to Kalderetta,


…we knew that we have to try that popular
Filipino fare that traditionally uses pork thigh
but uniquely modified using healthier goat meat.

We initially ordered Sinigang na Hipon.

We found the dish tasty and delicious
but we weren’t very excited as we came here
to try their dishes made from goat meat.


It was everyone’s first time to eat goat meat
and we ordered two chevon based dishes.


First was the Kalderetang Kambing
which was the restaurant’s specialty.
It was so tender and delicious and you could actually
taste the perfect blending garlic, onions and
stewed in tomato sauce to ideal tenderness.


Second was the Crispy Patang Kambing
also called Lechon na Kambing
and listed in the menu that way.

 This unique deep fried dish using chevon instead
of whole pig’s leg, is a healthier version of this
popular Filipino delicacy and was surprisingly
crispy and tasty sans the greasy subcutaneous fat pad.


The Chop Suey also came as a pleasant surprise- it was so delicious and tasted so pure and natural
without any after taste  from any artificial seasonings.
Just pure, fresh, crispy half- cooked vegetables.

The rice came in a really huge platter that we
initially thought we would not be able to consume
 even half of what was served- but we were wrong.
The food was so delicious that we decided to
order another platter- which again came in huge plate
and surprisingly- we consumed everything again.


Kambingan may not look like a restaurant that
caters to regular diners as it specializes on chevrons, 

... but it is actually an excellent dining  destination  and a 
healthier alternative  among the regular restaurants 
mushrooming in Magsaysay Avenue.

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