Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Piazza, Magsaysay Avenue

The Piazza, 
Magsaysay Avenue

The Piazza is a lifestyle center
in Magsaysay Avenue with wide array
of upscale restaurants and coffee shops
and offers its patrons with varied dining options.

My family is a die hard fan of Yellow Cab,
and I cannot count the number of times
that we dined in the wonderful Pizza Restaurant,

...that offers some  of the 
best pizza  recipes in town,

…some of the best pasta dishes,

…and various tasty potato recipes.

…this Yellow Cab restaurant is the first
and the only branch in the Bicol Region
making it a must visit to anyone visiting the city.

Just like Yellow Cab, Starbucks Naga,
is the first and their only branch
in the Bicol Region.

Starbucks Coffee, an international
coffee chain brand  and being known
an expensive and upscale coffee shop,
opening in a small city like Naga,

…one of the two major Bicolano Cities
located  in what is considered as one
of the poorest  regions in the Philippines
having this kind of coffee shop is unthinkable.

…and what do you know? Starbucks is doing
a very good business in the Heart of Bicol.

Since we always dine as a family, and we are not 
 the type that would hang out  in a coffee shop
as it would bore us and the kids
so we always order the coffee to go

Starbucks Pastries  serve as a
reward and a treat for the kids
if they behaved well.


Biggs’ Diner is an all time favorite
and a very popular iconic Bicolano Restaurant.

Food are served fast 
but the looks and the taste
are not of the fast food type kind.

It offers varied dishes 
that would suit everyone’s
taste and budget.

Biggs has everything that 
a diner would want.
from all day breakfast fares, burger and fries,

… steaks, chops, chicken and ribs,

…and of course their ever popular
and very delicious Rock and Roll Iced Tea.

Soledad is a virtual newcomer in the
restaurant business in Naga City,

…but has been attracting a lot of food enthusiasts
as it serves delectable Filipino- Spanish dishes,

…on an impeccably designed 
Moorish inspired restaurant interiors surprisingly affordable
prices  that would hurt your budget
even if you dine there every day.

And just recently, Okuya   
a newly opened Japanese Restaurant,

...and very soon, Gerry's Grill Magsaysay,

 ...a welcome addition to this wonderful
 Lifestyle Center’s culinary treats.

The Piazza, is one of the numerous Lifestyle Centers
in Naga City's famous Magsaysay Strip.

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