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Petit Palace Opera: Homey Hotel at the Heart of Madrid (Magnificent Madrid Series 3 )

Petit Palace Opera Hotel
Homey Hotel at the Heart of Madrid
Magnificent Madrid Series 3 

After an almost four hour train- ride from Caceres, Spain,
we arrived at Madrid at about two o’ clock in the afternoon.
From the train station, we took taxi to Petit Palace Opera,

... and the friendly taxi driver  commented ‘Kilometro Sero- perfect location, 
you are in the  heart  and the center of Madrid". He wasn’t exaggerating.

Petit Palace Opera Hotel, is located at the
Calle Arenal the centermost street in Madrid.

…with Plaza del Sol on one end,

…and the Plaza de Oriente on the other end.


The hotel being in an old, yet awesomely
restored and well preserved building and
a small contemporary designed lobby,


…and a comfortable guest lounge,.


...that also serves as a business center as there is
 a laptop and  printer that guests could use for free.


  Check in was a breeze, and the people 
at the front desk were friendly.


The hotel rooms could be accessed
either by a fast and modern elevator,


…or by centuries old wooden stairways.

And we were immediately on our
way to our room at the 4th floor.


This would be our home in Madrid for the next five days-
our final stop of  my family’s  European spring vacation.


Our suite, a Family Room was
spacious and was very beautiful.

It had huge, comfortable king size bed,


…and a cozy double deck beds for the kids.


My young son immediately claimed
the upper deck as his own territory.

It also had a large working and reading table that doubles
 as a vanity desk, provided with varied electrical outlets
configured to fit any electronic gadget from other countries.


It has a huge wide- screen LCD flat TV
with superb audio/video systems.

The room had a spacious closet that
had an electronic safe, and a minibar


The room had a luxurious bathroom.

And had an awesome shower room with a whole
body shower that sprays water from all directions.

It was provided with plush amenities, 

…and adequate toiletries.

A huge room had one landline
phone found at the bedside.


We were happy with the very fast
complimentary Wi FI connection.


Petit Palace Opera is located  at the
famous, pedestrianized Calle Arenal,
 kilometero 0, right at the heart of Madrid,

…with Plaza del Sol on one end, 


…the Madrid Opera House,


and Plaza de Oriente on the other end,

…it is a short walk away from some of themost popular tourist attractions  
in the city.Just across the hotel is the Pazardizo de San Gines,


…where the iconic Chocolateria de San Gines is located.


The hotel also offers free bicycles for
those who wanted to tour the city by bike.


Petit Palace Opera being housed in one of
the oldest restored structures in the city center ,
and because of the space limitation it does not
have amenities like a swimming pool or a gym.


Since the hotel is located centrally guests
would never ran out of things to do,


…as Calle Arenal offers varied
form of street entertainment.




#HealthyByPetitPalace breakfast

Located in what used to be an old basement cellar,
the brick lined restaurant, with arched vaulted ceilings,


…my family always look forward to dine,


… for one of the most delicious breakfast buffet
in a hotel that we have stayed in the past.


They are having a #HealthyByPetitPalace
breakfast promo, so there is a lot of healthy
yet delicious dishes  you can choose from.

They are open until 10.30 a.m. on weekdays
until 11.00 a.m. on weekends, so guests can
sleep a little late and does not have to hurry
down to catch up with the breakfast buffet.

Lobby Lounge

He hotel’s beautiful lobby lounge


,,,that had a  mini library,

...computer center


…and offers free pastries, candies, coffee
and  fruit juices to in  house guests 24/7.



Guests can also borrow free
i- Pads should hey need one.



Petit Palace Opera is an affordable yet 
 beautiful  hotel in the center of Madrid.  


They offer comfortable  accommodation with a homey ambiance
but with the exclusivity and convenience of a boutique hotel.

The rooms are large with super comfy beds,


…the bathroom is top notch,

…the breakfast was superb.

Budget wise, location wise, facility wise-
Petit Palace Opera is unbeatable
on the best value for money category.

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