Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Caceres to Madrid: Scenic Train Ride to the Spanish Capital City (Magnificent Madrid Series 1)

Caceres to Madrid 
Scenic Train Ride to the Spanish Capital City
Magnificent Madrid Series 1

It was our last day in Caceres and we had an early 
breakfast at the Apartamentos Turisticos Encanto 
which was our home during our stay in Extremadura.


We walked to the Plaza del Duque,

…and  took a taxi to Caceres Train Station.

We arrived two hours earlier for our 10:27 Renfe Train, 
that would take us to Madrid, our final stop for my family’s
European spring vacation that commenced in Paris, France,

…followed by Lisbon, Portugal,

… and Caceres in Extremadura
as our penultimate destination.

We were in early -




...and we had a lot of time to rest and relax,

…and my young son was amused
of seeing our surname, Caceres,

…in every nook and corner
of the lovely train station.

The train arrived on time,

…we settled at our assigned seats,
and we were off to another exciting 
train ride.on our way to Madrid. 

The Renfe train slowly cruised along
the grassy flatlands of Caceres suburbs,

…and passed by country farms,

…rustic farm houses,

…lonely country roads,

…and contrasting modern highways.

We also caught the sight of 
José María de Oriol Dam. 

Also known as Embalse de Alcántara,


 … it supplies hydroelectric power
in the municipality of Alcántara. 


Nearby is a tributary of Tagus River,


…and the ruins of the old Roman Bridge. 

The train stopped at the town of Cañaveral,



...a municipality in the province of Cáceres.

From Cañaveral we were again treated
with the view of  scenic European countryside,

…of lonely pastures,


…and farmlands.


 I was trying hard to spot the Castillo de Mirabel a
15th century defensive building  as I was aware that
it was located in this vicinity but failed to do so.

We arrived in small Extremadura town of 
Mirabel another without seeing the castle.

From Mirabel, the train passed thru
vast of pastures and grasslands,

…we were halfway our journey.


… tired and weary my wife
and the kids all fell asleep,

…until we arrived in Monfragüe.


This Extramduran town is famous for its Monfragüe national 
park located on a rocky mountain range, noted for its 
abundance of bird-life and acts like a natural aviary.
We were lucky that day as we spotted a family of stork

…nesting atop a utility post,


…on a orchard near the train station.

When the train rolled out of Monfragüe, 


…we decided to buy snacks
at from the vendo machine,

We arrived shortly thereafter,


...at the Navalmoral de la Mata 
still a part of Extremadura Region.


What followed next was another
long stretch of vast farmlands,


…grasslands and pastures.

It went on that way until we spotted
an thriving mountainside town,

…dominated by a beautiful hilltop castle.


We learned that we were at Oropesa, 
a Spanish town in the province of Toledo
when the train had a brief stop at the station.

When the train left the town we had a chance to have
a closer view of the magnificent castle formerly owned
by Francisco de Toledo, Count of Oropesa, a member
of the Toledo family of nobles who was the Viceroy of Peru.


We were then treated once more,

…with some of the most beautiful,


...and scenic European countryside views-

…until we arrived- 

...in the  city of Talavera de la Reina, 


…huge a city in Toledo
known for its ceramics.

The scenery later drastically changed from
dry pastures to refreshing verdant  farms,


…and olive orchards.


Endless tract of golden wheat fields,
as afar as you eyes can see.

This testament on how fertile this
Mediterranean countryside is,

stretched  all to way



.... to Torrijos. 


We were less than an hour from Madrid, 

…we took advantage of enjoying
the beautiful countryside scenery,

..at the last leg of our journey,


…as we approached the capital city of Madrid.

The pastoral scenery,

…slowly transformed to a modern suburbia,


...when we arrived in Leganes.

This was our penultimate stop,


….before we arrive in Madrid-

…our final destination.


, It took us less than thirty minutes,
to arrive in Madrid Atocha.



At last, we are in Madrid for the very first time.

Our final stop for this long spring European vacation.

Caceres to Madrid 
Scenic Train Ride to the Spanish Capital City
Magnificent Madrid Series 1 

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Madrid’s Welcome Feast 
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Petit Palace Opera 
Homey Hotel at the Heart of Madrid
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Calle Arenal 
Madrid’s Vibrant Street Mall
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