Saturday, July 21, 2018

Madrid Souvenir Shopping: Madrid’s Best Buys (Magnificent Madrid Series 24)

Madrid Souvenir Shopping 
Madrid’s Best Buys
Magnificent Madrid Series 24 

The best thing that ever happened on our trip to Madrid
is having to stay at the lovely Petit Palace Opera Hotel,


…as it is located centrally at the Calle Arenal.

It lies between Puerta del Sol on one end,


… and Plaza de Isabel II on the other end
where the Madrid Opera House is located,


…that lead to Plaza de Oriente,


…fronting the Palacio Real.

Calle Arenal was converted to a traffic- free, pedestrian street
in 2007 and replete with historic buildings and souvenir shops.


Right in front of our hotel is the Pasardizo de San Gines,

... where there is a roadside bookstore where tourists can buy 
hard to find, affordable classic books and current best sellers.


My family did not have to go far shopping for souvenirs to take home
  since Calle Arenal is flanked with numerous of souvenir shops,

…that sells T- Shirts,


…key chains,

…decorative items,


…and every type of souvenirs,

…any size


…and any shape.



We also discovered a shop that sells awesome
European home decors, lamps, and accessories,



…where we finally found a and ceiling lamp,


…and an antique chest for my son’s bedroom.


We had them shipped to the Philippines.          


Souvenir shopping and hunting for Madrid’s best  buys-


... in Calle Arenal is easy and affordable.

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