Saturday, July 14, 2018

Chocolateria de San Ginez: Spain’s Legendary Churros Magnificent (Madrid Series 22)

Chocolateria de San Ginez 
Spain’s Legendary Churros
Magnificent Madrid Series 22 

We were fortunate to have stayed at the Calle Arena
as just across from the Petit Palace Opera  hotel  is one 
of the oldest curches in Madrid, the Iglesia de San Ginés


....and the Pasadizo de San Ginés,



…that leads to the iconic Chocolateria de San Ginez. 


It is Spain’s most famous chocolate shop,  
set in a building  that dates back to 1890,


…which was originally built as a restaurant and inn.



The interior is decorated with mirrors,
classic  green wood panels,

…with green velvet seats and
old fashioned marble tables.


The wall displays photographs-


,,,of  prominent personalities,


…that  one way or another dined,


…and visited,


…this ancient chocolateria.

Chocolateria de San Ginez became very popular in 1894, when
they began serving the city’s most popular breakfast combinations:


…chocolate and churros.


The Spanish style thick, dark and very
strong chocolate is served steaming hot ,


…and the deep fried churros – a light, crispy,   
linear  pastry,  similar to an elongated donut,


... are serve hot and  freshly 
     cooked, ready for dunking.


For those who would like something different
the cafe also sells coffee, tea and various pastries,
but really, people from all over the world flock to this 
chocolateria for their iconic chocolate and churros. 


Chocolateria de San Ginez is open
24 hours a day, all year round,

…so everyone can get their chocolate and 
churros fix at any time of day or night.

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