Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Cafe & Te: Best Coffee Shop Paella (Magnificent Madrid Series 25)

Cafe & Te 
Best Coffee Shop Paella
Magnificent Madrid Series 25

Cafe & Te is located in Calle Arenal few steps
away from the hotel we were staying and all the
while we assumed that it was only a coffee shop.


We came to by cookies for my son,


… as he was craving for a Choco Chip Cookie,

…and later found out that it was a full restaurant,


…and offering much more,


…so we decided to dine there.

Of course, a meal in Spain is never complete without
a paella and we ordered Paella Valenciana this time.
This Cafe & Te version of this iconic dish looked
very basic as it was just topped with chicken and green
beans, yet it was flavorful and tasted very good.

The Tagliatelle Marinara was a soupy pasta.
It was unattractive and did not appear appetizing.
but the homemade tangy tomato sauce was full
of flavor and went well with the fresh shrimps
and mussels. It was one of the best pasta dishes
we ever tasted on this entire European vacation.

The Iberian Ham Pizza was to die for.
Perfectly baked dough, thick layer of
stringy and chewy mozzarella and topped
generously with Iberian ham. It was pure bliss.

We were fortunate to have dined at Café and Te,

...as it gave us an awesome culinary experience on
our penultimate day in the magnificent city of Madrid.

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