Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Urban Grill: Airport’s Culinary Gem (Magnificent Madrid Series 27)

Urban Grill 
Airport’s Culinary Gem
Magnificent Madrid Series 27 

A day long transport made us decide to leave for
the airport before 6 AM as the transport strike was
expected to paralyze Madrid from 6 AM until 6 PM.

It was totally unexpected so we checked out at 5 AM
and left for the airport for a 5:10 PM flight back home.

After checking in our luggage, we spotted  Urban Grill,
the only restaurant that was open at that time...

...and we were happy as we found 
a place where we could eat breakfast.


We feasted on tasty croissants,

…creamy sugar raised donuts

…orange juice and coffee.



We explored the airport after breakfast to kill time, but-
decided to return to Urban Grill at noontime for lunch,
and is was a massive feast of some of the best tasting
grilled dishes offered in generously massive servings.



The Baby Back Ribs was grilled perfection.
The succulent meat was very tender that seem
to gloriously melt in the mouth when eaten.

The same thing is true with the T- Bone Steak. 
It was also perfectly grilled, juicy and very tender.
The steak was so good that my wife and I initially
intended it and we ended up ordering another one.

Being a family of burger lovers we were unanimous
in our judgments that the Grilled Organic Burger 
is one of the best tasting burgers that we ever tasted.

Just like the other two dishes, the plump burger patty
was perfectly grilled, full of flavor and very succulent.


I was served with fresh organic veggies,
topped with a sunny side up organic egg,
with crunchy potato strings on the side.

It was a very late lunch that we decided to stay put in 
Urban Grill while waiting for our flight at 5:10 PM.

Their comfy sofas made us feel like we were 
in an  airport lounge, and it was an awesome
 alternative for impoverished tourists like my family 
that  could not afford a first call airline tickets.


Shortly before departing
we snacked on fresh fruits,



…and Chocolate Cake,

…and headed to the departure gate
just in time for our boarding time.


Being trapped in Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport 
would have been a nightmare, had it not been for Urban Grill,

...that made our twelve- hours airport layover worthwhile as it
served as a comfortable, first class- like lounge and provided
my family with day long-  delicious and yet affordable food.

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