Saturday, June 23, 2018

Museo del Prado (Spain’s National Museum) Magnificent Madrid Series 16

Museo del Prado 
Spain’s National Museum 
Magnificent Madrid Series 16

The Prado Museum or Museo del Prado 
was our main destination of our long walk
on Madrid’s Retiro District from Calle Arenal.

 The Museo Nacional del Prado 
is housed in a historic building.

…was designed in 1785 by Juan de Villanueva, an
architect at the Period of the Enlightenment in Spain .


It was initially meant to house the Natural History Cabinet,
but the Spanish monarchy later decided to convert the building
as the new Royal Museum of Paintings and Sculptures.

It was subsequently renamed as the Museo Nacional del Prado,
and was opened to the public for the first time in November 1819.

I was able to get some shots before
being informed by a museum usher,

… that taking photos inside
the museum is not allowed,

…but the entrance ticket comes with a book that
details the museum’s extensive art collection. 

Museo del Prado is considered to have one of the finest
collection of European and Spanish arts in the world,

It has on display he numerous works by Francisco Goya,


…El Greco Hieronymus Bosch,  
Peter Paul Rubens and Titian.

Museo del Prado is considered
one of the greatest art museums,


… and also one of the most visited sites in the world,
making it a must see museum for anyone visiting Madrid.

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