Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mercado de San Miguel: 20th-century Glass Market (Magnificent Madrid Series 11)

Mercado De San Miguel 
20th Century Glass Market
Magnificent Madrid Series 11 

The Mercado de San Miguel located steps
away from Plaza Mayor is probably the most
stunning and most  popular market in town.


Established in 1916, this beautiful 20th-century glass
walled market is one of the oldest markets in Madrid.
and considered as one of the finest examples of
iron and glass architecture in the Spanish capital. 


Everyday, this famous market is flooded with throngs of
visitors wanting to taste Spain’s world-famous cuisine,

…and was declared as Bien de Interés Cultural,
or Property of Cultural Interest in 2000 and has
become a gastronomic destination in Madrid.


In addition to its excellent variety of wine and tapas bars, 


… colorful stalls all kinds of stuffs,

.., there’s nothing you can’t find in Madrid’s
most elegant and most photogenic market.


Visiting Mercado de San Miguel is a chance
to be immersed in the Spanish  local culture,
as the popular market was able to retain its
traditional heritage and old world atmosphere.


Mercado de San Miguel is an
 awesome foodie destination,


 …it’s easy to see why tourists from around
the world flock to see this beautiful work of art.

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