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El Retiro District (Madrid’s Walk in the Park) Magnificent Madrid Series 13

El Retiro District 
Madrid’s Walk in the Park
Magnificent Madrid Series 13 

It was our second day in Madrid and we were scheduled to
visit the famous Prado Museum at the El Retiro District.

We began our walk from Calle Arenal, 
 where we lingered a little bit  to watch
musicians performing Marriage of Figaro
in front of the historic Joy Eslava Theater.

We then headed to Puerta del Sol,
a Spanish term for Gate of the Sun. 


It is a one of the best known and busiest public square in the city. 
 This is the centre and dubbed as Km 0 of the radial network of 
Spanish roads. so everything begins right on this plaza.

We traversed the Calle de Carretas,


…that led us to the Plaza Jacinto Benavente,
a large square where several streets converge-
named in honor of playwright and Nobel Prize
laureate winner Jacinto Benavente y Martínez.


We marveled at the sculpture of a sexy woman’s
legs sticking out of the Teatro Calderon’s façade.

We crossed the road to the nearby Plaza del Angel,
and leisurely waked down Calle de las Huertas,

…a quaint pedestrianized road, famous
for its cafes, tapas bars and restaurants.

We bought snacks from  Lola Market,



…and rested for a while on a roadside bench.


We later walked downhill, and ended in Calle Moratin,
that finally led us to the Plaza del la Plateria de Martinez.

We rested to a while at posed for photos at
the side walk park at the Paseo del Prado,

…and walked our way to the Museo Prado.

We bought tickets and stayed there the whole day.


Also known as El Prado,


…it is one of the most visited sites in the world, and also
considered one of the greatest art museums in the world.

After our visit to the museum, we
exited at the Calle Ruiz de Alarcon,


…and marveled at the 16th century
Church of San Geronimo el Real. 

We traversed the Calle Academia,
on our way to Parque del Buen Retiro.


We accessed the Puerta Felipe IV,

…and was amazed by the beautiful
gardens at the Plaza Partere.


The Buen Retiro Park is one
of the largest parks in Madrid. 


The park belonged to the Spanish Monarchy until
the late 19th century, when it became a public park

We leisurely strolled towards the northwestern gate,


…that served as the main
entrance to the verdant park.

Right in front of the Buen Retiro
is the Calle de la Independencia,
where the Puerta de Alcala is located.


The Puerta de Alcalá is a massive Neo-classical
 monument at the Plaza de la Independencia.


Also known as the Alcala Gate, it is recognized as the
first modern post-Roman triumphal arch  in Europe.


After taking souvenir photos at
the Plaza de la Independencia,

… we decided to take the Calle de Alcala route
on our way back to our hotel in Calle Arenal.


We admired the neo- classical buildings
lining the busy thoroughfare along the way.



When we arrived at the Fuente de Cibeles,


…we pose to take photos of the beautiful
neo- classical buildings surround the area,


…like the Post Office Building,


…and the Sepblac or the Federal Office Building
which at that time was undergoing renovation.


Right ahead was the Metropolis Building, 
 or Edificio Metrópolis   at the bifurcating 
 corner of the Calle de Alcalá and Gran Vía,

… a beautiful French, Beaux-Arts building,
designed by Jules and Raymond Février .

From the Metropolitan building we turned
left and took the Calle de Alcala route-


…back to Plaza del Sol, which as that time was 
crowded, as there was an on going rock concert,


We walked our way back to Calle Arenal,


...had a very late lunch which also served
as our early dinner at La Cueva restaurant,


…where we feasted on awesome Spanish dishes.



We did s little souvenir shopping,



....before heading back to our
hotel at the Petit Palace Opera.

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