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The Best Dining Destination in Bicol : The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast

The Best Dining Destination in Bicol
Cereza, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast
First Anniversary Posts
(Series 10)

I am supposed to blog about the best dining
destination in the Philippines, but since we
do not dine out so much whenever we travel
within the country, I decided to write about
the best dining destination in Bicol.

Naga City is blessed with so many dining options
unmatched by any other cities in the Bicol Region.

I would group the city’s dining destinations
to three zones: First is the Centro Dining Strip.

The Centro Strip is a cornucopia of the old classic
eateries that stand side by side and neck to neck
with the newer and more modern restaurants.

Most of these restaurants are open 24 hours
making the Centro Strip alive and kicking until
the wee  hours in the morning.

The second is the SM City Naga Dining Strip.
The first and the only SM City in Bicol
has an abundance restaurants for all classes.

From the varied stalls at the food court
to numerous fast food chains and
various fine dining destinations.

You name it- they have it at SM City.
Their Naga mall seem to live up with
it’s promise - “We’ve got it all for you”

…and of course- the last but not the least;
the glorious Magsaysay Strip.

There is nothing like it in Bicol.
Rows and rows of upscale restaurants,



…coffee shops and tea shops,

…lifestyle centers catering to every
diner’s whims and caprices.

Local and international cuisine.


SM’s promise of “We’ve got it all for you”
would pale in comparison as Magsaysay Strip
has everything without promising anything.



Among the lifestyle centers in Magsaysay
my family’s choice for the best dining
destination in the city and in Bicol is Cereza.

Cereza is a confluence of several popular
restaurants and coffee shops that offer
varied local and international cuisine.

From fine dining restaurants offering
delicious Filipino fusion cuisines like
the popular and dainty Red Platter,

…the magnificent Chef Doy’s that
brilliantly re- invents popular Filipino dishes
and pass it up as if it was a new dish…

…and an all time favortie, Chicken Bacolod,
a popular fast food chain in Naga that
offers affordable regional specialties.


It also has three excellent restaurants
that offer international cuisine from
Italian dishes in Grissini Ristorante,


…exceptional Southeast Asian
cuisine in Laksa,

…and hearty American dishes
in  prodigous Uncle Johnny’s.

It also has Kopi Roti
a popular Singaporean Coffee Shop,

…and an ice cream shop
called the Cold Shack that whips out
yummy ice cream concoctions
of delightful colors and flavors.

 There is nothing like Magsaysay Strip
in the Bicol Region and there is
nothing like Cereza in Magsaysay Strip.

For Stay, Stray, Play and Feast, and based
on our personal experience-  Cereza

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