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The Best Zoo Abroad; The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast

The Best Zoo Abroad
The Berlin Zoological Garden
The Best of Stay,Stray, Play and Feast
First Anniversary Posts
(Series 10)

Next to theme parks and museums,
visiting a zoo is a must for family
traveling with children.

It is a place where kids
can relax and play,


...appreciate nature,

… and see the animals from
faraway lands that they might
not get a chance to see in their lifetime.

Of all the zoos that we have visited
in the past from our previous travels,

…we consider the Berlin Zoo
as the best and the most beautiful
in the world.

The Berlin Zoological Garden
 or Zoologischer Garten Berlin
is the oldest zoo in Germany,
…and it is also one of the oldest zoos
in the world as it  opened in 1844.

Visiting the zoo is a feast for the senses 
as it is has so many breathtakingly beautiful
natural attractions  like lovely forests


...with trees showing the beautiful 
hues of autumn, 

…scenic rivers,

…and rustic ponds.

It also had man made attractions
like beautiful manicured gardens,

…. glorious water fountains,

… bucolic playgrounds that
the kids got to enjoy.


…every nook and cranny of Berlin Zoo
is beautiful and photogenic that
you would want to take photos everywhere.

I could run out of superlatives if
go on raving endlessly about the zoo…

…and it is an understatement to describe
the zoo as the most beautiful in the words.

And I almost forgot- that this is animal sanctuary 
of more than 1,500 different species 
and around 17,500 animals found in the zoo…

…and has one the zoos with most comprehensive
collection of species in the world.



  For Stay, Stray, Play and Feast, and based
on our personal experience- 
The Berlin Zoological Garden
is the Best  Zoo in the World

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