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The Best Culinary Destination Abroad: The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast

The Best Culinary Destination Abroad: 
Berlin, Germany
The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast
First Anniversary Posts
 (Series 3)

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Germany has never been renowned
as a great European culinary destination,

…but unexpectedly my family had the most
wonderful gastronomic experience in Berlin.

While we enjoyed the Hotel Indigo’s
delicious spread in their breakfast buffet…

…of fresh and smoked Pink Salmon and 
various European Cheeses,
we rarely dined in the hotel.


When we travel, we let the kids sleep early
and we have always avoided dining out at night,
so we always have our dinner in our hotel room,


…but we stayed in a rather cramped hotel room
so we avoided the discomfort of dining in room dining.


That was a blessing in disguise-
as we were able to sample most of Berlin’s
culinary treasures during our one week stay.

We feasted on their Oktoberfest street food



…from their freshly baked pretzels…

…and the sweets 
and candied apples.


We never appreciated DunkinDonuts
 in the Philippines maybe because
of the very hot and humid weather…

…but it is a haven in Berlin during
the biting cold autumn weather with
temperature that goes as low as 5 degrees.

Their sugar raised donuts, muffins
and hot black coffee offered a great
comfort on the cold autumn weather.

We also even enjoyed kiddie treats



…and they tasted very good 

...and boosted the kids’ energies to explore 
and enjoy the museum’s unique 
giant vertical maze.


We were also able to enjoy Wandel
a wonderful budget restaurant.



It was located right infront of our hotel
where we could have a complete meal
for 4 persons for less than 18 Euros.

There is also abundance of Asian Restaurants 

....located right in front
of the Pergamon Museum 
at the Museum Island.

It serves authentic Asian and Vietnamese cuisine
the satisfied our craving for our staple rice meal,

...that offered not only the filling Asian dishes
but also the renowned Oriental hospitality.


We also enjoyed dining the hip Carambar
right at the heart of Alexanderplatz.

 The upscale restobar  serves
 perfectly cooked juicy steaks…

…huge delicious burgers,

…great pasta dishes,

…and delicious soup starters.

Two of the best culinary experiences we had
in Berlin were at the  Alt Berliner Beirsalon,

…and the Telecafe or Restaurant Sphere 
 at the The Fernsehturm  or Berlin TV Tower.

T he  Alt Berliner Beirsalon serves
some of the best German Sausages,

....and the best of German cuisine,

…in an authentic German Pub setting,

…that sent my young son dancing  on stage
accompanied  by bouncy German folk music.

And of course the formal dinner at
the slow spinning 

…was a perfect finale to our week long stay
at the beautiful city of Berlin.

it is where you get to enjoy
the 360 degree view of the city
while dining on a revolving restaurant.

It gives you the nostalgic feeling of seeing
things you did and places you've visited in the past
passing right before your very eyes.



For Stay, Stray, Play and Feast,
and based on  our experience, Berlin
is the  Best Culinary Destination Abroad

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