Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Mac, Big Taste McDonald’s Hearty Feast

Big Mac, Big Taste
McDonald’s Hearty Feast
(Binge Eating Series 5)

It was a Saturday, the busiest day 
of the week for us, that kept us 
and our employees literally on our toes.

 It didn’t give us a chance to have a break
or take a bite for a much needed snacks.

The kids had no deeds to do  
and no home works to keep, they dropped by  to spend time   
and bond with us.

Everyone was starving when lunch time came,
and when asked what they wanted to eat,
they want something hot and delivered fast.

McDonald’s came to the rescue-
some ordered McChicken Spaghetti Meal,


...while others ordered prioritizing convenience,
the easier to eat  Burger McDo and Spaghetti Meal.

I  have never been a fan of Burger McDo and I don’t
understand why a reputable  hamburger store like McDonald’s
serves this horrible tasting burger in the Philippines,
(as I have never seen this kind of awful tasting burger in
other McDonald’s restaurants in other countries).

The McChicken was okay and as it was
crispy outside but juicy and tender  inside,

…but their spaghetti 
was disgustingly sweet.

Interestingly, no one complained and everyone
seemed to have enjoyed their meals to the hilt.

After tasting a little of everything, I knew
that these value meals are not for me.
I got me my two popular burgers 
that McDonald’s had to offer

- the new Hot and Spicy Chicken Sandwich,

that is reminiscent of KFC’s Stinger
but less saltier but tastes better,

 …and my all time favorite Big Mac.

 The Big Mac- wherever country  you buy it ,
wherever part of the world you eat it, get overwhelmed by  the same 
‘how can I ever live without it?' feeling 
in every bite of this good old American burger.

The McDonald’s Apple Pie was a fabulous dessert.
With this one, everyone agreed (me included),

...that the piping hot apples chunks bathing
on sweet cinnamon laced gluey caramel
packed inside a crispy and crunchy pie crust


  1. I love Mcdo but yeah their plain burgers locally is just bleh. I hope they get the rights to serve wraps and in the meantime fries, chicken and apple pie lang.

    1. I agree.

      I think it's time for them to serve wraps. There was one version of Big Mac in Athens where they used pita bread instead if the usual hamburger buns. They were soooo gooood.