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The Best Family Hotel Abroad: The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast

Best Family Hotel Abroad: 
Hotel Golden Star, Prague
The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast
First Anniversary Posts
(Series 5)

We have been to so many wonderful hotels in the world
so choosing for the best family hotel was really difficult.

So when I asked my family which is the best hotel
where we stayed in the past, while out of the country,
the two kids said  Embassy Suites in Boston.

There is a reason for the kids to enjoy the hotel
as it had an indoor heated pool and jacuzzi,


…and wide selection of cereals and juices on the
breakfast buffet served in a cavernous restaurant.

My choice was Kartika Resort Hotel in Bali,
set is a tropical seaside paradise,
where we stayed in an ocean front room.



While my wife’s choice was Hotel Golden Star
in Prague at the Czech Republic.

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

For those who have not seen  or never been 
to the Hotel Golden Star, it isn’t easy to 
quantitatively justify my wife’s choice.

Unlike other hotels that we stayed,  
Hotel Golden Star
is not a five star hotel but 
only a three to four star hotel.

It is not an ultra -modern skyscraper,
but a renovated manor house built in 1372.

It doesn’t have spacious lobby but rather
a small reception area which used to be
the old and historic living room.

 Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

The hotel’s elevator was so tiny that could
only accommodate four people at a time,

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

and some had to walk upstairs on a creaky
more than 200 year old wooden stairway.

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/


It didn’t have a spacious garden but it is located
at the center of the city’s old Royal Lane ,


…where the former Bohemian Royalties used to pass
on their way to the Prague Castle located
just above the hill beside the hotel.


It didn’t have and spacious and flashy restaurant
but a  cozy buffet area located from the mansion’s
old cellar renovated to a homely restaurant,

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

with a quaint and pleasant street side al fresco area.

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

It didn’t have one or two bedroom executive suites,
but spacious bed chambers with ante rooms
and high ceilings with beautiful crystal chandeliers.

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

The bed room didn’t have
the gaudy modern furnishings
but it had antique looking furniture
like a king sized sleigh bed…

…old fashioned working table,

…and an antique looking console
that could be converted to a writing desk.

The hotel didn’t have a swimming pool
(as no one needs it on a cold autumn weather)
but the room had a bathroom, fit for a king.

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

It didn't have an ocean side view on the window
but the view a well preserved  old medieval city. 

The hotel seem to be lacking a lot of things
in comparison with other standard hotels…


…but what it lacks, is what makes Hotel Golden Star
unique, exceptional and beyond compare,
making it the best little hotel in the world

For Stay, Stray, Play and Feast, and based
on our personal experience-  Hotel Golden Star
is the  Best Family Hotel Abroad

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