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The Best Culinary Destination In the Philippines:The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast

The Best Culinary Destination 
In the Philippines: Iloilo
The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast
First Anniversary Posts
 (Series 4)

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Just like in Berlin Germany where we stayed
with a rather cramped hotel room
where we avoided in room dining
and we discovered the country's culinary 
treasures beyond the dreaded hotel room,

…we also stayed in Smallville 21 Hotel
in Iloilo that is not as cramped but offered
nothing but set breakfasts for meals.

It also turned out as a blessing in disguise
as we were able to enjoy what the city has to offer
and it  turned out to the  best gastronomic
adventure in the Philippines for my family.

We have tried some of the iconic dining
destinations like Ted’s La Paz Batchoy,


While me and my daughter enjoyed  


….my wife and son found the dish a littler bitter
they nevertheless enjoyed the pastries.

While we did not totally enjoyed
Tatoy’s Manokan main offerings,


… but their delicious grilled fish was a life saver
that made of dining experience worthwhile.

We also had a great dining experience in Guimaras
on a seafood buffet at Cabaling Beach Resort,

…where they also served a buffet of
gloriously sweet Guimaras mangoes.

How can our snack time be complete
without our favorite pretzels and lemonade?

Iloilo is one of the few cities in the Philippines
with and  Auntie Anne’s Pretzel outlet and
it satisfied or long term craving for this pastry.


The good thing with Smallville  is its location
infront of a Lifestyle Center called the Avenue.

The Avenue is a treasure throve of culinary delights
of local and international cuisine and we were
able to sample some of them.


The Mojave has the ambiance of an old
American tavern 

....and serves great tasting
100% Angus Beef Burgers.

…tasty prime Ribs,

…creamy Chowders,

 …and delectable desserts.

Terra is a Mediterranean Restaurant
that is not only beautiful,

…but also served great tasting
and healthy food.

Bauhinia is a wonderful Filipino restaurant
the serves fusion Filipino cuisine.

I my opinion Bauhinia is one of the
best restaurants in the Philippines,


…and just for this restaurant alone,
it is worth coming back to Iloilo again.


For Stay, Stray, Play and Feast, and based
on our personal experience-  Iloilo
is the  Best Culinary Destination in the country

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