Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Avenue Plaza Hotel: Interconnected Rooms Lots of Space, Lots of Savings (Avenue Plaza Awesome Venue Series 6)

Avenue Plaza Hotel: Interconnected Rooms 
Lots of Space, Lots of Savings
(Avenue Plaza Awesome Venue Series 6) 

This post completes my review for all the
available room accommodations in the
city’s best hotel, the Avenue Plaza Hotel.

I have already reviewed the Spazio Rooms,

…the one bedroom Palazzio Suites,

…the luxurious and spacious Presidential Suite,

…and this time the Interconnected Spazio Rooms.



We checked in for the night to attend the Finest Jewels,
18th anniversary at the Avenue Plaza’s the Tent.  It is
Naga City most popular jewelry shop, and the owner
is a good friend and my son’s baptismal godmother.


We chose two interconnected Spazio Rooms,
as most of their bigger rooms were occupied,

…and we needed a room where the kids could stay
while we are attending the Finest Jewels anniversary.

The interconnected Spazio Rooms,  both have sleek
 interiors , and appear like any other standard hotel
 rooms, but on a closer look,  they offer much more.



Both could be classified as budget rooms but did not 
scrimp  and  save when it comes to hotel amenities.Both 
 had a vanity areas which  could  double as a working desk,


…and  glass topped study tables.

One room had two comfortable double beds,


...while the other had queen sized bed,


...and a comfy lounge chair by the bedside. 

Both had flat screen TVs, 

… minibars,



…and mini refrigerators.

Both bathrooms were spacious 
and luxurious with ample toiletries.

Both rooms had a bathtub,  a rarity
in most hotels for a room this size.

Both rooms also have spacious closets.



Both rooms open to a common spacious balcony.



Connectivity on both rooms is not a problem as
they have two land line phones,  by the bedside,

…and another on both toilets.


The room also had a fast and free Wifi.


Avenue Plaza Hotel’s close proximity
to the original Penafrancia Shrine,

…and the Penafrancia Basilica.


Which are  within walking distance makes
it the hotel of choice for pilgrims visiting
Naga City for the Penafrancia festivities.

It is also  located at the glittering Magsaysay Avenue,


…and has an easy access to more than a
hundred of restaurants in the popular strip.


Avenue Plaza’s three level Olympia, is one  
of the biggest fitness centers that I’ve seen.


The Umbria is a gorgeous and sparkling infinity pool, where
 guests can swim, relax or even just laze around all day long.


Café Plazuela serves an impressive spread
of delectable dishes on its breakfast buffet. 


It is also and all day fine dining restaurant
lately launched a new set of  menu selections,

…and also serves affordable and
delicious snacks on afternoon tea.


Guests can also use the Umbria for a
relaxing poolside al fresco dining.

Aside form the in house restaurants, guests have
unlimited dining choices due to its close proximity
to almost hundred of restaurants, coffee shops,


…groceries, convenience stores,

 …and even other  hotels lining the Magsaysay Strip.

It makes the Avenue Plaza Hotel the best place to stay, not
only for businessmen and pilgrims but also for guests wanting

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  1. Nice room you got there! The foods were also looking delicious. Thanks for sharing!