Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Okuya and Gerry’s Grill: Japinoy Fusion Feast

Okuya and Gerry’s Grill 
Japinoy Fusion Feast 

It was our first post holiday dine out and we intended to
eat light after an uncontrolled Christmas season feasting,
so off we went to the Piazza at Magsaysay for a hale and
hearty Japanese dinner at Okuya- but it was fully booked,

…so we decided to dine at Gerry’s Grill nearby.


The good thing with Gerry’s Grill is their varied
menu  that also include healthy Pinoy dishes and
we ordered  Sinigang na Salmon Belly sa Miso as
soup starter. We love Gerry’s Grill’s variety of
sinigang dishes as they had just the right degree of
sourness that keeps my family coming back for more.

Sizzling Kangkong a’la Pobre was also another
healthy fare that we ordered. This chewy, high fiber
and lowly swamp cabbage was cooked in a delicious
adobo style,  bathed in oyster sauce and topped with
crunchy onion and garlic chips served in a hot plate.


The Grilled Blue Marlin Steak was also an easy
choice for a healthy dish as it is low fat but grilled
to deliciously juicy and chewy but tender perfection.

We always order Inihaw na Plapla, whenever we dine
in Gerry’s Grill as this is what they do best. Tasty, juicy
and very natural tasting perfectly grilled fresh tilapia.
There is nothing like it anywhere else in the city. 


It was paired with Ensaladang Talong
which was just as healthy and delicious.


The juicy, tender and perfectly grilled Chicken Kebab, was very
delicious. It was served with pickled Kangkong stalks as side dish.


Everything was very delicious that we emptied the table fast.
Interestingly, every time we dine on more healthy choices, we
always end up eating more as we feel lighter even after we
consumed every piece and every morsel of food on the table.

Despite the hearty dinner, we were on a mindset that we were 
supposed to be feasting on our favorite sushis and sashimis.
 So to satsify our cravings- off  I went to Okuya nearby-


....and ordered three Salmon Sashimis, and we all
gobbled them up with gusto like there was no tomorrow.

…they ran out of Tuna Sashimi so I ordered Laing Maki.
It was a blessing in disguise as Laing Maki is almost
always out of stock and I long wanted to blog about it.

Laing is an iconic Bicolano dish made of shredded gabi 
leaves cooked in coconut milk. It is always eaten with rice so 
it was just fitting that this would go well as a Japanese Maki.


 This was a brilliant idea as the combination was perfect with the
delightfully sweetish rice, rolled in crispy breadcrumbs that
added a crunchy texture to the delicious Japinoy fusion dish.


Okuya’s Laing Maki is a work of a genius.


It took laing to a new level of culinary global
standard as it makes the dish acceptable even to
non- Bicolano and non- Filipino palate.


 It is a dish that everyone should 
try when visiting Naga  City.

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