Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Avenue Plaza Hotel: The Piazza Debutante’s Dream Haven (Avenue Plaza Awesome Venue Series 4)

Avenue Plaza Hotel: The Piazza  
Debutante’s Dream Haven 
(Awesome Avenue Plaza Series 4) 

Avenue Plaza’s the Piazza had been our favorite venue
and we have booked this beautiful function room in the
past mostly for small exclusive parties for our employees.


The Piazza has three large segments and could
be configured to three halls for small meetings,
…or opened up all together for bigger occasions.

When my daughter turned 18, the Avenue Plaza Hotel
played a perfect and wonderful host and venue,

…as it offered comfortable and spacious accommodation,

…and a photogenic pictorial backdrop,

…for the routine photo shot.

We booked the whole Piazza 
and all sections were opened.

We hired a private florist (not connected to
Avenue Plaza Hotel) to decorate the venue.

At first everything looked okay,


…but on a closer look, we were appalled
when we found out that the florist used nothing
but ordinary Malaysian Mums and Daisies.

We never expected he would do a
mediocre job on this kind of occasion.

He also incorporated cheap looking
plastic flowers on the stage decor.

Using dreadful plastic flowers is a big no-
and gawky a move for this tasteless florist.

The flowers we brought to the cemetery
during the All Souls Day looked even better.

^^^All Souls day flowers

^^^All Souls day flowers

The presidential table which was supposed to serve as
the floral centerpiece for the occasion was non existent.

The only saving grace was that the Piazza already looked
elegant that it mollified the horrible floral arrangement.

We had an excellent emcee,

...the Piazza staff was efficient,

…the food was delightful,


…everything went well,

…and our guests seemed to have enjoyed the night.

Avenue Plaza Hotel again proven
to be an efficient host and venue,


…on this very special milestone in my daughter’s life,

…and we will forever remember this beautiful memory.

I cannot imagine life in Naga City without
Avenue Plaza Hotel as it is a showcase of
Bicol’s hospitality and zest for good life.

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  1. OMG. Those star shaped diamond earings and rings are sooooo gorgeous. Every girl's dream jewelries and every girl's innermost desire- and those were just for debut. I wonder what will she wear on her wedding day. The future groom must really be ready to top those. Hi, hi, hi.

    Love this post.

  2. Simple desire, simple pkeasure for simple women like us ♡ .