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Avenue Square and Convention Center: The Heart and Soul of Magsaysay Strip (Avenue Plaza Awesome Venue Series 7)

Avenue Square and Convention Center 
The Heart and Soul of Magsaysay Strip
(Avenue Plaza Awesome Venue Series 7) 

In early the 2000, Naga City’s Magsaysay District
was nothing but a  desolate grassland until the
Avenue Square, and the Avenue Plaza Hotel
opened their doors almost a decade ago  and made
that once forlorn area throbbing with nightlife. 

Avenue Square and Convention Center is a three
level lifestyle center, the first two floors dedicated to
commercial tenants, mostly restaurants and coffee shops,

…and the third floor serves
as a modern convention center.

The first floor hosts some of its original tenants when
the lifestyle center opened like Shakey’s Pizza Parlor
that moved from centro, its original store since the 1980’s.

The first and the only branch of The Coffee Beanery (TCB), in
Bicol is one of Avenue Square’s original tenants when it opened.

Naga Oriental Wok, one of the best Chinese restaurants
 in the city is also one of the long term tenants here.

Maki Yaki, Naga City’s very first Japanese restaurant is also
located at the first level and one of our favorite places to dine. 

One should not miss Chili Peppers, a popular restaurant in the
city that also have several branches is Metro Manila. It was the
very first restaurant in the strip, so this is where it all began.
Originally located at the other side of the road, now occupied  
by Yellow Cab, and how fitting it was, when this restaurant icon
where the strip originated moved to the Avenue Square, another
CamSur icon that propelled the glittery strip to what it is now.

My wife’s favorite jewelry shop, Finest Jewels,
is found at the second level of Avenue Square.

It has provided the two most important women in my
life; my wife with her daily jewelry needs, who even
served as one of Finest Jewels models in the past,

...and my daughter with some of the most awesome
pieces jewelries and brilliant trinkets that are precious
works of art and every teenage girl could dream of.

Although I never wear any jewelry they also serve
as tax free and inflation free investments for me.

Two of our favorite shops, Res Toe Run

…and Bratpack are also located in Avenue Square and these
stores have provided me and my family, specially the kids with
school bags and shoes that are affordable but of good quality.

There are other shops in Avenue Square
the cater other lifestyle and beauty needs.

^^Source: Avenue Square FB

The third level of Avenue Square is 
 a modern Avenue Convention Plaza,

^^Source: Avenue Square FB

….which served as a venue of major
local and national conventions in the city.

^^Source: Avenue Square FB

^^Source: Avenue Square FB

From being a desolate grassland, Magsaysay Avenue
had grown into a glittering strip of shops, restaurants,

…lifestyle centers, coffee shops,

….and hotels.

Despite the numerous business establishments 
that continue to mushroom in the strip , 

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