Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sea Life/Aqua Dom and Shi Mai Vietnamese Restaurant, Berlin

Sea Life/Aqua Dom and
 Shi Mai Vietnamese Restaurant,
Berlin, Germany

Stray and Feast

Sea Life/Aqua Dom

AquaDom / SEA LIFE Berlin
is located in the heart of Berlin,

....just a short walk from our hotel
(Hotel Indigo) in Alexanderplatz.

Sea Life Showcases magnificent collection
of fresh water and salt water aquariums...

...containing  the bewildering
colors of the underwater world.

A highlight of a visit to SEA LIFE
is the breathtaking ride in their unique AquaDom.
Or the  “DomAquarée".

is the largest cylindrical tank in the world, is hollowed at the core

and guests are hoisted upwards
by a three level elevator

inside the cylinder containing over 1 million liters of water
offering a 360 degree view of the aquarium

...and you are enveloped with water from head to toe
and all around you is a kaleidoscopic display
of coral reef and hundreds of stunning fish -

...with the Radission Blue Hotel on the background
as the facilty is located at the hotel's atruim ,
the feeling of seeing a modern buulding 
submerged under the sea is surreal


and the perfect finale to a fun- filled visit
to the SEA LIFE Berlin.

Shi Mai Vietnamese Restaurant, Berlin

No one would miss the sight
of Shi Mai Vietnamese Restaurant

It  is located right at the exit
of the AquaDom …

....and the festive sight of the
multicolored lanterns adorning the ceiling
is an eye catcher.

Aside from the colorful lanterns-
various oriental spices are displayed on a counter…

…and serves as a preview of the extraordinary
Vietnamese cuisine that they specialize.

The restaurant décor is a feast for the senses
featuring the extraordinary icons
and images of the exotic Asian Culture

I ordered Vietnamese Noodles
topped with Spring Rolls…

My daughter had a Roast Duck

My wife and young son shared
the grilled Salmon…

We traveled to Ho Chi Minh City
about a year ago and my family
got addicted to Vietnamese Cuisine.

Vietnamese food
never disappoints.

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