Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Granier Caceres: Fiesta Official’s Breakfast Savior(Medieval Caceres Series 11)

Granier Caceres 
Fiesta Official’s Breakfast Savior
Medieval Caceres Series 11

It was our third day in Caceres and we woke up late.
I got down from the apartment to buy something to
cook for breakfast at the Charcutteria Mostarzo, and
found out that it was closed at it was a ‘fiesta official’.

I decided to look for a restaurant at the nearby Plaza Mayor 
where I could buy breakfast for my family, and most are
the are closed for the ‘Fiesta Official’ or a public holiday.

I walked farther down the road until I reached
 Calle Pintores  and caught  the sight of Granier


....the only dining facility that was open this early in a 
place that stands still on an official public holiday.


The smorgasbord of freshly baked
artisanal breads was a sight to behold.


The aroma of oven fresh
bread from Granier Bakery, 


…was a prelude a delicious breakfast,



…that everyone is craving for.



Granier was our  fiesta official’s breakfast savior

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