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We are Caceres: From Cuidad de Nueva Caceres to Caceres, Spain (Medieval Caceres Series 16)

We are Caceres 
From Cuidad de Nueva Caceres to Caceres, Spain
Medieval Caceres Series 16 

Lisbon was our second stop of our spring European
tour, and we intended to take a bus to Madrid, our
last stop, to enjoy the scenic European countryside.

Traveling for more than ten hours would be too tiring,
so we decided to stop halfway and we had to choose
between unknown Caceres and the popular Salamanca.

We favored Caceres in Extremadura
as it was closer, only 5 hours of bus
ride from Lisbon, compared to almost
14 hours of travel time to Salamanca,

…and we were dead curious of this ancient city
as it was where the Cuidad de Nueva Caceres, 
now known as Naga City, the city where we came
from was named after by our Spanish colonizers.

The Cuidad de Nueva Caceres, is one of the five royal cities  
created by the Spanish conquistadores in the Philippines. Although 
it is presently  known by its post- colonial  name of Naga City,
 most of our major institutions still bear the Spanish name. 


It is the seat of the Archdiocese of Cáceres,
considered as one of the oldest dioceses in
the Philippines having been founded in 1595,

…and the home to the Our Lady of Peñafrancia,
the Patroness of Bicol, the largest Marian Pilgrimage
in Asia, which originated from Salamaca, Spain and
interestingly, the other city that we considered visiting.  

The very first university in South Luzon
called the University of Nueva Caceres
still bears the ancient name of the city.

Source LINK

The oldest hotel in our city
is called Villa Caceres Hotel.

Source: LINK

Interestingly, our surname is also Caceres, we are the Caceres Family,
from the Cuidad de Nueva Caceres,
on our first time in Caceres, Spain.


‘This place is mine, mine, mine, mine’.
My young son was overwhelmed upon
arriving by the abundance of  Caceres
signages, from the Caceres Bus Station,

…Caceres Train Station,

…Caceres tourism center,

…Ayutamiento de Caceres  or the city hall,







… shows,

…and even underground sewer covers.

But beyond the profusion of our surname,
our visit to Caceres, Spain is a trip to get
acquainted where our beloved city got its
name and where my surname originated.

Francisco de Sande Picón , the third Spanish governor 
and  captain-general of the Philippines from August 25, 1575
 to  April 1580, a native of Caceres, Spain, established the
 Royal City of Nueva Cáceres, now known as Naga City,



…named after the city where he came from.


It was my family’s first time in Spain and it is
but fitting that Caceres was the our very stop.

It gave us the chance for a personal encounter
with the cryptic historic connection between
Cuidad de Nueva Caceres, the city where we
came from and the original medieval Caceres.

Caceres is one of the best preserved
and one of Spain's most beautiful cities.

Narrow cobbled streets, 


…are lined with palaces, 



… and churches.

Fortified with ancient defensive walls, 


…while the skyline is decorated 
with spire topped turrets, 

…serving as habitat  and sanctuaries
to enormous number of storks' nests.

The Ciudad Monumental (Monumental City)
is one of the best preserved medieval places
and one of Spain's most beautiful cities. 

…would make you feel like you've
stepped back into the Middle Ages.

It was an unforgettable journey to our past.

 We are Caceres.

Naga City is the Cuidad de Nueva Caceres,

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