Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Iglesia de San Francisco Javier: Ancient Church Museum (Medieval Caceres Series 9)

Iglesia de San Francisco Javier 
Ancient Church Museum
Medieval Caceres Series 9 

Also located at the Plaza de San Jorge, 
just across the Casa Palacio de los Becerra, 
is the Iglesia de San Francisco Javier.

The church of San Francisco Javier, also
known as the Church of the Precious Blood
is an 18th  century Baroque style Jesuit church. 


…built  in1698, annexed to a convent.

Inside, the main altarpiece stands out, 

…with the eighteenth-century painting
of San Francisco Javier as a centerpiece.

In the crypt is the Interpretation Center of Holy Week. 




The towers could be accessed by an exquisite
metal cast spiral staircase in the lower level,


…and another spiral granite
stairs on the upper level-

…and provides an awesome
of the ancient city of Caceres,



…the other tower as a backdrop.


Also worth visiting is the wide array of
old religious and church relics on display.



Currently there is no more
 worship masses done inside,



....and the church primarily serves 


...as an awesome religious museum.

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