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Gastronomica Extremadura: Foodie Tour in Caceres (Medieval Caceres Series 15)

Gastronomica Extremadura 
Foodie Tour in Caceres, Spain
Medieval Caceres Series 15 

Having been colonized by Spain for more
than 300 years, Filipino cuisine has been
heavily influenced by Hispanic culinaaria.


We share the same names for our favorite
dishes like cocido, embutido, paella, queso
arroz, caldo and chorizo - to name a few.


Interestingly, we have similar nomenclature
for our eating utensils like cuchara, tenedor,
cucharita, plato, and we also dine in la mesa


It was my family’s first time in Spain,
and Caceres in Extremadura Region
was the first Spanish City that we visited,


…and we were pretty sure that we would
not have to adjust our taste buds that has
been pre- acclimatized by Spanish inspired
dishes that we have been eating all our lives.


Tapas, Hamon and Chorizos

Estremadura is abounding indigenous tapas,
native chorizos, and deliciously aged hamon.
We were very fortunate to have a supermarket 
Charcutteria Mostazo as our next door neighbor, 


…as it provided us with an awesome choice of
Extremaduras varied processed meat products,


…and served as a window
to the region’s culinaria.



We also chanced upon an open weekend market,


…that had an extensive spread-
of Extramadura’s homegrown products,

…which also offered sampling and
free tasting of most of their goods.




We also got to take home some
of their briny  yet tasty chorizos,


…and cooked them in our apartment,



…ate them Filipino style with lots
of rice as it dampened its saltiness.


Most of the restaurants also routinely serve
Tapa Plate like the one in El Requete,


…and the Surtido De Ibéricos
in Restaurante Caceres.



Caceres is a landlocked city but interestingly
El Requete served us some of the best seafood
dishes, like the creamy rich salmon soup dish
with tangy- sour tasty broth and I remember
being called as Sopa Pescado by the waiter.


The restaurant also served us a massive plate
of Fritura de Pescado brimming with wide
array perfectly crunchy fried seafood that
went well with the tangy tartar sauce as a dip.

Not to be outdone, Restaurante Caceres
served us a deliciousvperfectly pan seared
fresh boneless cod fish flavored with aromatic
herbs and spices called Pescado Del Día.



El Requete’s Conchinillo Asado was sinfully
delicious.The skin was crunchy, yet the flesh
was oozing with greasy, yet tasty juices, very
tender, and seem to gloriously melt in the mouth.


The Lomo Asado con Salsa de Manzana
from Restaurante Caceres was delicious.
The roasted tender, huge slabs of pork loin
blended well full tangy flavor of apple sauce.

Rice Meals

Rice is a staple for us Filipinos and it is difficult
to find rice dishes in Europe but not definitely not
in Spain. El Requete’s classic Paella Mixta had a
generous amount of seafood, chorizo, and chicken.
It was perfectly fluffy and had an generous layer
of prized caramelized, deliciously crusty ‘socarrat’
at the bottom as it was served in a deep hot plate. 


The Risotto de Setas y Gambas, from
the Restaurante Caceres was addicting.
The pleasant tart aftertaste of mushroom
blended perfectly with the savory shrimps.


Sweets, Biscuits and Cookies

We also feasted on some of the best tasting
cookies, pastries and donuts from several
food stalls at the Caceres Weekend Market.





We were intrigued by the Maria biscuits
we bought at the Charcutteria Mostazo
whicxh turned out to be the very popular
tea biscuits called Marie in the Philippines.

This biscuit originated the United Kingdom
and while Marie is its most popular name,
it is also called Maria as a Hispanic version
and Mariebon or Marietta in other countries.

We also craved to the homemade Sour Ball Candies,


...that we bought while in transit in Badajos bus station.
It was so good and wished we should have bought more.

Ice Cream

Hielados Italianos Remo at the Plaza Mayor,
right beside the Ayutameinto de Caceres,


...was a source of awesome ice cream, 



…that kept us coming back 
for more day and night.

Naranja Juices

We also enjoyed Hielados Italianos Remo's

...sweet and tangy icy Naranja Juice,
that kept us refreshed on the warm
weather during the tail end of spring.

Extremadura cuisine in Caceres was our
introduction  to authentic Spanish dishes
that sounded just like our Filipino dishes,

...which also looked familiar, but had
distinctly different flavor and taste.

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