Friday, February 9, 2018

Caceres Weekend Market: Extremadura's Indigenous Cuisine Showcase ( Medieval Caceres Series 12)

 Caceres Weekend Market 
Extremadura's Showcase of Indigenous Cuisine 
Medieval Caceres Series 12

It was our third day in Caceres, we were 
 not   aware that it was a holiday, until we 
found out that the Charcutteria Mostazo 
 was closed as it was a ‘Fiesta Official’.

We are set to explore the other side of Caceres, 
 to see what the city had to offer beyond its ancient walls.

We walked at the other end of
the almost deserted  Plaza Mayor,


…had pictures taken
in from of the City Hall,


…turned to the busy Calle Pintores,

…and visited the Parroquia San Juan Bautista,


…where the mass service has just been concluded.


From the church,


… we proceeded to the Calle San Pedro,

…where we rested for a
while on a  sidewalk bench

…and spotted another branch of  Charcutteria Mostarzo.   
We were disappointed to find out that like their store near 
our apartment, it was also closed for the ‘Fiesta Official’ 

We then walked our way along
the Caceres Gran Teatro



…at the Calle San Anton,


…all the way to Avenida de Espana,

…until we reached the 
Parque de Calvo Sotelo. 


It was a long walk from the Plaza Mayor.
so we decided to stop and rest once more,

…to enjoy the greenery, and the
 rustic ambiance of the park.


We crossed the Calle General Primo de Rivera,


…that led as to the beautiful Paseo de Cánovas.


The Paseo de Cánovas is a public park at the center 
of the Cánovas neighborhood, to which it gives its 
name, within the Centro-Casco Antiguo District. 

It is a verdant outdoor mall at the center island  of
 Avenida de Espana,  named after a Spanish 
politician, Antonio Canovas del Castillo. 

It is the heart of the commercial area, and the usual 
venue for various cultural events throughout the year,

…and we extremely enjoyed the
on- going outdoor puppet show.

Along the Paseo de Cánovas, was
a lively weekend farmers market,

…and we were overwhelmed by the magnitude
                 of indigenous Extremadura products on display.  



The Weekend Market is an awesome tourist attraction
that features probably more than 100 vendors,

…of various hams,




…and cheeses.




 It also offers bakery products, 



…spices and herbs,



…prepared food vendors,

… produce markets,


…homemade toys,



…and even healing crystals.


Just as we were getting disappointed as
were running out of food in our apartment
due to supermarket closures on Fiesta Official,


…we stumbled upon this wonderful weekend
market that gave us everything we needed.


Most of the stalls offer free tasting, 

...making it an ideal destination for foodies
 in search of the market's ethnic cuisines, 


,,,and a showcase  of  Extramdura’s 
cuisine in specialty food market.

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