Saturday, February 3, 2018

Museo de Caceres: Old Town, Old Museum (Medieval Caceres Series 10)

Museo de Caceres
Old Town, Old Museum
Medieval Caceres Series 10 

The Museo de Caceres is 
located in Plaza de las Veletas,


…occupying two ancient and historic
buildings:  the Casa de las Veletas, 


…and the Casa de los Caballos-
declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The museums main entrance is
at the House of Las Veletas, 


…that houses the Sections of  Archeology .


This section has a wide array of prehistoric artifacts,


….from the Bronze Age and Iron Age.


The museum has a beautiful courtyard
supported  by classic Tuscan columns,


...and an ideal place to rest and relax while
taking a break during the museum visits.


On the other side of the building 
is the Ethnography Section,



...that housed  varied ethnographic,



... and cultural relics on display,


The Fine Arts collection is housed in 
Casa de los Caballos a former stable. 


There is a wide array of historic display
of arts and culture from ancient sculptures,


…architectural artifacts,


…and  a gallery of 13th to 19th  century paintings and classic 
art masterpieces including Picasso, Miro and  El Greco.
displayed in an area where photography is not allowed.

A must visit is perfectly working  ancient
Moorish cistern at the Casa de las Veletas.
which is a splendid piece of architecture.


The museum is located in the middle
of the old town and is closed every
Monday and during afternoon siestas.


Museo de Caceres is a must see
 museum for  anyone visiting Caceres.

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