Friday, January 26, 2018

Casa Palacio de los Becerra: Middle Age Palace Museum (Medieval Caceres Series 8)

Casa Palacio de los Becerra 
Middle Age Palace Museum
Medieval Caceres Series 8

After visiting the Concatedral Santa Maria
we continued our walking tour, that led us to
the Plaza  de San Jorge where the ancient
Casa Palacio de los Becerra is located.

The Casa Palacio de los Becerra
or the House of Becerra  is a Gothic
structure built in the mid15th century.

This is a three floor medieval structure was
the ancestral house of the Becerra Family,
which  after the restoration two upper floors
was dedicated as exhibition halls, and venues
for meetings, congresses, training and conferences.

The ground floor is turned to a museum,

…with permanent exhibition of a selection of collections, 


…furniture, paintings, glass and antiques. 


It is currently the headquarters of
the Mercedes Calles Foundation,  .


…whose most important purpose is for
protection, improvement and conservation
of the Monumental City of Cáceres.

The restoration and rehabilitation of
the Casa Palacio de los Becerra is a

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