Saturday, April 27, 2019

MB Camaligan Cruise: Relaxing Sunset Bicol River Cruise

MB Camaligan Cruise
Relaxing Sunset Bicol River Cruise 

It was one of our scheduled dinner with our
employees and household staff that we decided
to book at the Camaligan Bicol River Cruise.

It was a late afternoon cruise that 
began in Camaligan Riverwalk.


The boat MV Camaligan, 


…had a huge dining area,



…kitchen and tidy toilets.


After  guiding us  to our respective seats,

…we were all ready to cruise.


We needed at least to be forty for an exclusive dinner cruise, 
so  aside  from our regular dining companions like our EndoLab  
employees, clinic staff and  our household, staff we also invited
  our associates,and our children’s close friends to fill up the
MB Camaligan so we could have to boat to ourselves.



Bicol River Cruise begins at
the Camaligan Riverwalk Walk



…and the boat leisurely sailed northward.


Guests would be treated with some of
the best Bicolano countryside views,


…of peaceful communities,


…and bucolic riverside sceneries.




Just few minutes of cruising, they started serving 
snacks of burger, chips and ice cold soda.

It was perfect as sunset had began.

Witnessing the setting of the sun is one of the most
beautiful visual experiences that nature had to offer,

…ans it is doubly visually stunning seeing it  in a middle 
 of the river, as the gorgeous conflagration color of sunset 
made the calm waters of Bicol River glow like gold.


When we arrived at the Camaligan Fishing Port,



…the acoustic singer came aboard,


…to provide in- cruise entertainment.


The boat sailed toward the sunset,




…and turned back at dusk,




…and they started serving buffet dinner.

The food was excellent,



…in the darkness, fireflies started to light up the night. they were dancing to the soothing music.

It was pure bliss.



As the boat was nearing Camaligan,
we caught the sight of what we initially
thought was a massive cruise ship,


… which turned out the be the
beautiful Camaligan Riverwalk,



…with all lights up at night.



It was at this point that the microphone
was opened for karaoke sessions while
the acoustic singer was taking a break.



…which most of our guests enjoyed.


The boat sailed leisurely to Naga City,



…giving us a view of Naga City Market Fish Port,


…where creates and creates of freshly caught
                                seafood are being unloaded every night ready                             
    to be sold at the wet market section the next day.


    The boat turned around after reaching Tabuco Bridge, 


…and slowly sailed back to Camaligan-





While the acoustic signer returned
for his last set of his performance.


We docked at the Camaligan River walk,
at about 8 PM, after three hours of relaxing,
sunset and night cruise in the Bicol river.



Sunsets happen every day but when in Naga, it is  
a must for everyone to try the glorious experience
of watching gorgeous sunset the middle of the
Bicol River, while on a lazy afternoon cruise

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