Saturday, April 13, 2019

KinderCity Excursion: Last Days of Childhood

KinderCity Excursion 
Last Days of Childhood 

It was the children’s last day of school
and this would the last time that these
Grade 6 students would be together as
classmates before moving to high school.



We wanted to treat the whole class for an excursion,
and initially intended to take the, for swimming but
we backed up with the thought of the great liability
of taking precocious pre- teen students on such activity.


When one of the teachers suggested a visit to the
newly opened  KinderCity, an indoor playground in
Vista Mall, everybody agreed with excitement.


Well, why not? My son has been yearning to play
in KinderCity when it opened but we have been
discouraging him as we thought it was meant for
kindergartens and he was too old to play there.





When we were informed that they accept children up
to maximum18, there was jubilation. It turned out
that everyone in the class were wanting to play in
KinderCity but were being told to be too old to do so.


 So after their last final examination,
we gathered the whole class and took
them all for a KinderCity outing.





And indeed-

...everyone had a great time,

…and nobody wanted to leave even after their time was up.



We then treated them to Paluto for dinner.





KinderCity brought out the child  in
 their pre- teen hearts- that they really are. 

We were happy that we took the kids ti KinderCity in their
 last day of schooas we gave the a chance to  enjoy 
their final child play in the last days of their childhood. 

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