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1st Colonial Grill Robinsons Place Naga: Delicious Tummy Bursting Feast

1st Colonial Grill Robinsons Place
Delicious Tummy Bursting Feast 

It was Valentines Day and we decided to take
our employees and household staff to dinner.

We trooped to Robinson Place Naga,and 
reserved a long table at the1st Colonial Grill.


1st Colonial Grill is one of my family’s favorite
restaurants as it serves native Bicolano fusion
cuisine with brilliantly delicious modern twists.

We started our dinner with Halaan or clam soup
The gingery- garlicky taste was fused suspiciously
with Tinola as they added sili leaves made the soup
more flavorful. This is one of our favorite dishes
in this restaurant as it is appetizing and comforting

1st Colonial Grill’s Bicol Express is a house specialty.
Serve with rice assures one of a filling, hearty and
big flavored meal. An addicting classic Bicolano
comfort food and a must try dish in this restaurant.

The Fried Chicken was naturally crispy and delicious.
No coating, no unhealthy seasoning, just plain, lightly
salted chicken that way Bicolanos cook it in the past.


Chop Suey sa Buko is an original Colonial Grill recipe.
This version had a refreshing twist as they added young
coconut meat and it was lightly flavored with coco milk.


The Humba was very tender and flavorful, a product
of patient slow-cooking. While it had the traditional
ingredients of fermented black beans,  soy sauce,
vinegar, garlic, black peppercorns and bay leaves,
dried banana flowers. was added in an attempt to fuse
with the native adobo. The result was sinfully delicious.

One should never miss the best Kandingga in the Philippines.
It is the dry type, sauceless bopis, stir fried in garlic, a liitled
salt and vinegar. it was exactly the way my mom used to cook
her kandingga at home in Polangui. It’s understandable as
1st Colonial Grill originated from my home province in Albay.

We also brought in Masbate’s Lechon
which they served without extra charge.

Of course, dining in 1st Colonial Grill is never
complete without their bestselling Tinapa Rice.


We concluded our dinner with
their locally flavored ice creams,




…the most popular of which is the Sili Ice Cream.

It was a satisfying, tummy bursting feast of
some of the most delicious Bicolano dishes

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