Saturday, April 7, 2018

1st Colonial Grill: Robinsons’ Place Naga, Al Fresco

1st Colonial Grill
Robinsons’ Place Naga, Al Fresco 

1st Colonial Grill is one of our favorite restaurants,
but we have not dined here for quite sometime as we
dreaded  the over- crowded SM City Naga where their
first branch is located, and we have always avoided the
 traffic choked Centro where their second store is found.


So when they finally opened at the awesome
Al Fresco Section of Robinsons Place, Naga
we immediately trooped to their newest and
third 1st Colonial Grill restaurant in the city.


We loved the Sinigang na  Bangus


…that came with huge slabs of milk fish, fresh veggies
and delicious broth with just the exact level of sourness.
I have always detested the exceedingly sour sinigang in
this restaurant in my past blogs and it seemed that they
have tapered it down this time and I absolutely liked it.


The Chopsuey sa Buko was okay. The veggies were
fresh and crunchy but I would still prefer the classic
recipe. They seemed to have added coconut milk on
the dish and it tasted like a half cooked ‘gulay sa gata’.


Lumpia Shanghai is my wife’s favorite
dish and the delicious 1st Colonial Grill
version is one of our favorites as well.

The Ginataang Santol is the restaurant’s new
offering. I ordered one being my favorite local
dish. It did not disappoint as it tasted so good.

No one in the country does Kandingga best
than 1st Colonial Grill. Popularly known as
‘bopis’, this exotic and spicy dish made out
of finely chopped and sautéed pig's lungs is
served sizzling dry, yet very tasty unlike the
disgusting mostly saucy versions in the country. 


The Kandingga was so delicious that we gobbled it up
fast like there was no tomorrow and like a  blitzkrieg,
it immediately disappeared from the sizzling hot plate.


It left us craving for more so we ordered
another one and made everyone  happy.


No meal is complete without havinga Sili Ice Cream.

The 1st Colonial Grill became famous due to this unique
dessert. It garnered several culinary awards and was
already featured in magazines, TV and various  social
media platforms. The blushing pink spicy ice cream laced
with local siling labuyo is available in different levels of
spiciness from 1, 2, and 3, (an order from hot to hottest).


We returned to 1st Colonial Grill
at Robinsons’ Place after few days,


…it was a hot day so I bought a scoop
of sili ice cream being sold on their cart.


When we sdettled inside the restaurant-
 little did we know that they also serve
free scoop of ice- cream to their diners.


We were again tempted to eat lunch there.
This time however,  we made sure that we
will not run out of our all- time favorite
Kandingga so we doubled our order.


Just like the Sinigang na  Bangus, that we ordered few
days ago we also loved the Sinigang na Hipon. It also
came with fresh veggies and this dish confirmed that gone
was exceedingly sour sinigang broth of the past and what
they have now is the one with just the exact level of sourness.

The Pork Sisig was okay and tastes like
the usual ones we enjoy. However, it is
not  something that I would rave and crave. 


Otherwise, both the Grilled Tanguigi,

…and the Laing were exceptionally delicious. 

Having originated in Albay and being a true-
blue Bicolano restaurant, these classic regional
fares are a must try dishes in 1st Colonial Grill.

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