Saturday, April 28, 2018

Giligans: Delicious Pinoy Dishes

Delicious Pinoy Dishes

Giligans’ is one restaurant that keep us coming back
either to SM City Naga or at Robinsons Place Naga,


…as the food is delicious,

…and the ambiance, especially at their branch in
Robinson’s Al Fresco section is really awesome.


We feasted on Sinigang na Hipon and they seem
to have already perfected dishing out the right degree
of sourness of this popular Pinoy sour soup. Not sour
enough to wrinkle your face to a dreadful revulsion. 


Kare- kareng Gulay is a guilt free vegetarian version
this otherwise  unhealthy, fat laden yet delicious dish,
which we all liked as it tasted just like the  real thing .


…and it was served with bagoong as a side dish.


No dinner is complete without a Crunchy Sisig 
as this is probably the best tasting sisig in Bicol.
It is a must try dish to anyone dining in Giligans.


Of course, the Grilled Tuna Belly should also
not  be missed in this restaurant. The fish was
fresh and sweetish, grilled to juicy perfection.


The Binagoongang Lechon Kawali with Kangkong 
was a fusion of two all time Filipino favorite dishes.
The lechon kawali was servedi n a bed of chopped
kangkong. Adding the bagoong was a brilliant idea
as both the crispy fried pork belly and the crunchy
swamp cabbage went well with the briny shrimp paste.


It has always been a joy for my family to dine at Giligans,


.. as they serve delicious Pinoy dishes that 
are budget friendly in an awesome ambiance.

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