Saturday, February 25, 2017

1st Colonial Grill: Classic Homegrown Cuisine

1st Colonial Grill 
Classic Homegrown Cuisine

Being an Albayano, dining at 1st Colonial Grill, a nostalgic culinary experience as I could enjoy
delicious home- grown dishes, cooked exactly the
way I remember, during my childhood in Polangui.


I never fail to order Kandingga as this is exactly how my Mother cooks it at home. 
Made from stir fried chopped pig’s lungs, flavored with garlic, onions, peppercorn 
and laced  with just the right amount of vinegar. Unlike the saucy  CamSur version 
this one was cooked ‘adobado’ style. Dry, delightfully chewy and very addicting.


Colonial Grill’s Sopas Halaan is also very tasty.
It had a generous amount of fresh halaan shells,
and the broth had a pleasant gingery aftertaste. 


Pinakbet may not be of Bicol origin but ironically, this  Bicolano restaurant
 serves the best version of this dish that I have ever tasted anywhere else. 
One would just have the scoop out the repulsive mound of bagoong on
top as it could make this otherwise delicious pinakbet salty and smelly.


The Crispy Pata was okay, the skin was crunchy,
the flesh was moist and tender. It was tasty and
there’s  not need to dip it on the soy sauce anymore.


1st Colonial Grill originated in Albay and it was a good 
thing that they opened two branches in Naga City it is easier for me to experience crave 
worthy home cooking, away from home.

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