Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gerry’s Grill: Very Pinoy, Very Delicious.

Gerry’s Grill 
Very Pinoy, Very Delicious. 

 Gerry’s Grill is one restaurant that we could return
repeatedly as it is probably one of the best restaurants
in Naga City that serves delicious Filipino cuisine.

Most of the dishes here are grilled making the
restaurant a healthier alternative in dining out. 

Calamares is our favorite appetizer in Gerry’s Grill.
The perfectly fried chewy squid was coated with peppery,
crunchy- breading. It wasn’t salty, nor it was greasy,

…just a finger- licking good meal starter
that went well with a creamy tartar sauce.

Nothing does Sinigang na Hipon better than Gerry’s Grill.
The shrimps were fresh and plump, the sinigang broth had
the perfect degree of  sourness not enough to wrinkle your
face in acerbic disgust, with generous variety of veggies.


The Laing was a revelation. Gerry's Grill is a Manila based restaurant 
and aside from having a branch here, it does not have any Bicolano 
origin. Interestingly t the way they cooked  this extremely popular and
 iconic Bicol dish would make a  true blue Bicolano drool for what appears 
to be the most delicious version of Laing that one could have in Bicol.

The Blue Marlin Steak is something that anyone dining here should not miss. 
The handsomely grilled fish had perfect grill marks, was succulent, tasted fresh and 
delicious that one would not need the soya based dip served together with the dish.


The Grilled Bangus has just as delicious. The boneless milk fish was stuffed 
with chopped tomatoes, garlic, onions and pepper then grilled to juicy perfection.

An of course, Inihaw na Plapla is something we neverfail to order here. 
The grilled tilapia was incredibly tasty and so juicy that we're addicted to it. 
It was served with grilled eggplant topped with generous tomato and onion 
salad. Just be sure to instruct them to lessen the bagoong or better else, 
have it scrapped as it could make the dish very salty and repulsively smelly.

Gerry’s Grill is one of my most featured restaurant in this blog, 
and is understandable as it is my family’s favorite restaurant 
when we wanted to feast on hearty yet healthy Pinoy dishes.

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