Saturday, February 18, 2017

Argentina’s Bacon Norte: Saucy and Extremely Salty Bacon

Argentina’s Bacon Norte
Saucy and Extremely Salty Bacon

The very first time I saw the TV commercial
of Argentina’s  Bacon Norte, featuring the
popular TV Host and newscaster Pia Guanio,


...being a bacon lover, I have been craving to try this what seem to 
be an awesome new bacon product. Prepared  like corned beef 
(called Carne Norte in the country), hence the name Bacon Norte 
was coined, and I finally had a chance to buy one last weekend.


Just like the popular classic corned beef and regular bacon strips, 
 Bacon Norte also does not go well with rice, so making a bacon
sandwich would be the most logical thing to do to make it edible.


I initially only intended to use only whole
wheat bread and a can of corned bacon,

…but when I found out that the bacon was extremely
salty, I decided to add sunny side up egg to neutralize it.



Having a ready to eat saucy bacon in
an easy to open can was a brilliant idea-



…but the awfully briny concoction where it was bathed-
turned the bits and pieces of bacon rubbery to bite,

…and was too salty, not enough to 
be neutralized  by adding an egg.


Nothing still beats the good old crunchy bacon strips, 

....served with eggs and generous amount of 
mayo for a tasty bacon sandwich for breakfast,

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  1. maja salvador not pia guanio

    1. Yes, I googled the ad and itwasn't Pia Guanio. My mistake. She looks a lot like Pia Guanio though.