Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sbarro’s Pepperoni Rolls: Delicious Rolled Pizza To Go

Sbarro’s Pepperoni Rolls 
Delicious Rolled Pizza To Go

Whenever we crave for the most delicious
Pepperoni Pizza, Sbarro’s is the place to go.

A whole Sbarro’s pizza is actually an enormous disk,
the biggest among its peers enough to feed a battalion,

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…and also comes in huge slices meant for single
serving but big enough to feed two to three persons.

We are pepperoni pizza addicts but taking
a whole pizza or a even a huge slice of pizza
to munch to go would be very inconvenient,

…so this is where Sbarro’s Pepperoni Rolls,
a yummy rolled pizza in reality comes in handy.


Also known as Stromboli, this parmesan sprinkled Italian
 turn over bread generously stuffed with pepperoni and cheese,

…is actually an extremely delicious rolled pizza
made much easier and less messier to eat 


…specially for those on the go.


It’s a yummy pepperoni pizza that
could be brought and eaten anywhere.

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