Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oriental Hotel Legazpi

Oriental Hotel Legazpi
Stay, Play and Feast


We booked for a 1- Bedroom Executive Mayon Suite at the hotel
for a promo price of 9,700 pesos/night
(more than 50% less from the regular published rate of 20,000 pesos per night).

The Oriental Hotel was nice enough
and allowed us to check- in early at 8 AM
(regular check in time is 2 PM)

...for a hotel this size, it looked rather empty
at this time of the day ....

...when is is supposed to be a peak summer season
and there's an on going national convention in the city...

The room has a minimalist interior motif...
...plainly upholstered sofa devoid of any throw pillows to cuddle ...
and dreary furnishings at the living and dining areas...

...blank white walls devoid of any adornment...

...a comfortable looking- standard king size bed....

It had two toilets and bath-
one at the receiving area
and another at the main bedroom...

...amenity was very basic ...

For a hotel room priced so terribly high
- it initially looked like a rip- off.

...but it is a hotel with probably
one of the best views in world-
as it offered a breathtaking view of Mayon Volcano...

Things were different

when we returned at night-

The transformation was breathtaking...
...the hotel shone like a jewel in the dark.

With brilliant play of lights the lobby was transformed
into a picture of elegance and serenity combined...

...but the hotel, l noted was eerily empty at 7:30
when it was supposed to be
the expected peak of activity in any hotel....

...not a soul in the coffee shop...

...there were very few people

at the dinner buffet,

...and the huge lobby lounge
including the al fresco area
were totally empty...

The hotel could be likened to Cinderella
turning to a beautiful princess at night for a ball...

...except that- there is no ball.

The play of lights also transformed
what used to be a plain minimalist bedroom to
an aura of inviting calmness and tranquility...

...the bed was firm and very comfortable
and true enough it lulled the kids to sleep in a jiffy...

The view from the window
was even more awesome at night...

...but the emptiness at the view deck is disturbing
as this is supposed to be the time that people are enjoying the view
and no one seems to be doing so...

While I was reading at the living room,
my wife called me that I have a call from the lobby.
For a room this big they only have a phone and that
is located at the bedside...

I was told that I had a telephone call

and the caller left his phone number.
and we can't have an outside connection

because what they have in the room in just an intercom.

Unbelievable, I thought as this is the only hotel
built this century that does not have land line phone connection.

One had to go down to the lobby to use the phone
to get in touch with the rest of the world.

The best thing in the Oriental you wake up
with the indescribable beauty of Mayon Volcano
staring right at you...

The Scenic Infinity Pool

The hotel had a beautiful infinity pool
that offers the great view of the volcano and the city...

I brought my seven year old son for a swim
and to my horror,

the kiddie pool located at the edge of the building
leads to you guessed it right- infinity...

There are no railings nor any protective barrier
that could prevent hyperactive kids
from falling two floors below...

I convinced my son to swim the bath tub instead.
Again to my horror (double this time)
the water that came out was yellow
and smelled like rust...

In order not to disappoint the kid,
I allowed him swim in the tub and instructed him to try his best
not swallow even a single drop of the filthy water.

Room Service

For a hotel located way up the hill, away from the city center-
with no other dining options to choose from at night,
the room service offers a very limited choice...
- printed in just a piece of standard paper.

We ordered Bagnet

and their signature burger...

The bagnet

was almost left untouched..

And we shared the burger
that tasted well- how do I say it...
the much cheaper St. Ellis burger downtown
tastes a looooot better

They also provided a

very limited supply of condiments...

...that the 7 - Eleven pack leftovers from
the hotdog we bought to go
on the way came in very handy.

Jasmine Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast buffet for a hotel this standard
was also disappointing...

The usual fruits, bread, egg and cereals were present
which actually what the kids need...

...but there are very limited choices at he main buffet table
fried Rice, longaniza, buttered vegetables, dried fish and bacon.

That’s all there it to it.

Overall assessment, there is no doubt that
the Oriental Hotel is a spectacularly beautiful hotel
that offers a spectacular view
but its offerings ar less than spectacular.

Two unacceptable flaws that the hotel have are
1. The absence of in- room telephone line
2. The filthy yellowish water on the bathtub

Other problems like the need of pool railings
and limited dining options could easily be corrected.

Once these problems are solved, future hotel guests
would have marvelous first hand experience
as it is an aesthetically marvelous hotel anyway.


  1. What a fabulous and majestic hotel! And look at those superb views of Mayon! We'll make sure we book at least 4 nights in this hotel for our trip to Bicol. Thanks for posting. Originally, we didn't even think about including Legazpi at all in our Bicol itinerary but those spectacular views finally convinced us. Thank you!!

    1. Visiting Bicol is never complete without visiting Legazpi. Mayon Volcano symbolizes our region. Despite some of the negative observations of the hotel in this post, The Oriental Hotel is a fabulous hotel that gives the best view of Mayon Volcano. Also try to visit Misibis Bay in Albay. I'll post my review of the hotel this weekend.

  2. Oriental Hotel's published rate has been slashed by more than half their original published rates according to their webpage and now really very competitive.

    With the impeccable view of Mayon Volcano and with a price just little higher than regular hotels in the city center- it would bring a lot of people and guests in.

    Good move by the hotel.

  3. Beautiful hotel. We stayed there last summer, we enjoyed the hotel though. The yellowish water was a turn off and so was the breakfast. I agree, they should lower down the rate- or improve the services to compensate for the 5 star price.

    I didn't notice that there was no land- line connection as we did not use the phone. The pool was indeed dangerous and we decided not to let the kids swim. Those problems should be addressed.

    The view was great.

  4. salamat po doc sa posting shocking and totally unacceptable re the kids pool! Cant wait for you next reviews po!

    From Manchester UK Pat P

    1. Salamat for visiting my blog Patrick. Indeed- so many people agree on how dangerous the kiddie pool at the Oriental.

      It is beautiful but really dangerous. I hope they do something about it. Putting a net on the sides or pool edges may make the hotel facade unsightly but definitely better and more safe.

  5. an infinity pool with railings? meron bang ganun? :-)

    1. Posibleng wala Marlon, still safety should always be prioritized.

      I would like to refer you to this photo of the hotel pool taken from above and see how dangerous it would be for kids should they not put any safety net on it:

  6. Jusme ano ba itong post mo? Review ba ito? Rant? Or ano? Kasi based sa nabasa ko hindi maayos pag kaka review mo! Masyado ka nag focus sa bad experiences mo na parang nkkawalang gana tuloy! Spectacular hotel tapos pag babasahin mo ung taas iba impression! Why dont u write a very comprehensive article about this hotel? All in all walang kwenta post mo! Nagreklamo ka lang! Walang sustanansya! To be fair, ipost mo to!

    1. This is the most comprehensive review that I could write.

      Yes, you are right, I based all my reviews to personal experiences. Not on other people's perceptions, not based on what I've read and as what has been advertised. I have not been commissioned to write an article or stayed for free on any of the hotels featured in this blog. Been there, done that. What you read, what you see, is what you get.

      I travel and I blog. I do not travel to blog and I do not blog to travel.

      Should you have a different review or experience on this hotel, you may share it and I won't mind. I'd be happy to update my blog.

      Thank you to visiting and reading my blog.

  7. Funny. No landline connection?

    1. That's the way it was 2012.

      Yes no land line connection. I don't know if it has been addressed and corrected