Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stonehouse Garden, Naga City

Stonehouse Garden and Resort
Panicuasion, Naga City

It was sweltering hot last Sunday,
we decided to forgo our weekly CWC visit
as it was always crowded this summer
and the queue to the wakepark was kilometric…

The kids had nothing to do my son decided to play with his best friend Barney
and still seemed to be very bored…

So I called the Stonehouse Garderns and Resort
for reservation for lunch and a day visit…
(as they only let people in with advance reservation)

When we were told there is a slot for our family,
off we went to the uplands…

Despite the heat in the city
Stonehouse is a summer reprieve
as they have a Baguio- like weather….

The lush greenery and the surrounding rainforest
seemed to insulate the resort
from the scorching summer heat…

It was perfect for kids
to run around and play …

Swim on the infinity pool...

Or just laze around enjoying
the view of CamSur towns on the horizon

…or enjoy a gourmet pizza
cooked in a wood fired oven…

You may also take the option
to visit Malabsay, a waterfall
at the middle of Isarog’s rainforest
using the resort’s carabao- drawn cart...

...where it would take you right at the entrance
of Mt. Isarog National Park...

…and later hike your way down to Malabsay Falls…

Stonehouse Garden and Resort
is CamSur’s summer sanctuary from the summer heat

…and a stylish geteway to the
Rainforests of Mt Isarog…

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