Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Avenue Plaza Hotel

Avenue Plaza Hotel
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City


The 28- hour brown out sent us
searching for a hotel room last Wednesday
and we couldn’t find one as most hotels were fully booked
but we were put on queue at the Avenue Plaza Hotel
just in case someone backs out for the last minute….

The call for an available room came late in the afternoon
and we checked in late at 9:30 PM…

…the hotel’s Palzuela Café

was still bursting with life…

There were VIP guests dining at the restaurant
(an elderly congressman and an national TV executive),
…so I decided to take photos from afar….

Elegance is they way to describe this
mid- size 60 ++ room- four star hotel

...that boasts a five star service and amenities.
It has a gorgeous infinity pool…

… a modern- four level gym
called the Olympia…

-it also has a posh lifestyle Center-

the Avenue Square….

Each floor is provided with a mini lobby by the elevator
so hotel guests do not have to go down
to the main lobby to entertain visitors...

Comfort and luxury –

they are everywhere inside an Avenue Hotel room….

...ours was the Palazzio (Executive Suite)
with a published price of 7, 000 pesos +++ /night

“It is so Oakwood”
is how my wife describes
the Avenue Plaza Hotel…

Indeed just like Oakwood- it has a full kitchen
and a 6 cubic feet refrigerator..

(Without the dishwasher, washing machine,oven and dryer that Oakwood provides)


…a classy dining area…

…a comfortable living room

with lots of throw pillows to cuddle...

…and a just like Oakwood there is lounge chair
where once can stretch while reading or just plain relaxing
(note the similarity )…

...It had huge bedroom

with a comfortable bed...

…and just like Oakwood another lounge chair is found in the bedroom…
(again note the similarity )

Just like Oakwood, it had a double lavatory
…with luxurious amenities,

...a bathtub

(with no flatscreen TV as found in an Oakwood bathroom)

 There  are several telephones 
in the room…

One phone each on the living room, bedroom
and on the  toilets.

The room's balcony has the direct view of the Naga River
perfect for watching the fluvial procession on September…

....and of the nearby

Baranggay of Penafrancia…


A four level Gym called Olympia

(except for the Concorde La Fayette where we stayed in Paris
as it is connected with the ClubMed
…the Olympia Gym is unmatched by any hotel
that I have stayed anywhere else in the world)


Basement is the health and sports library..
first floor is the Sauna and Steam room,
second Floor is Main Gym.
third floor for Aerobics/Yoga/Pilates area,
and the very unique Spinner Room…

It also has the Umbria
a 2 level beautiful infinity pool ….


In Room dining is 24 hours with lots of choices
Guests can even order directly
from the restaurants at the Avenues Square
so the choices are varied and endless…

Café Plazuela…

Is always alive and full of costumers on peak hours ….
Since we were not on a holiday and I woke up
at 5 AM to work (for the hospital rounds)…

I was able to take photos on my phone cam
of Cafe Palzuela before it opened at 6 AM.

I took a peek of what was in store for the
Buffet breakfast it had decent…
eight choices at the main buffet
-no food label yet so I wasn't able to identify the menu

I did not had the luxury of time to eat breakfast
as I had to leave early…

...but the Café Plazuela was starting to be filled diners
when I returned shortly before 7 AM
when I dropped by before heading to work.

 Elegance, Luxury and Comfort…
They have them all at the Avenue Plaza Hotel
At a fraction of a cost as compared to other hotels
Of the same level charging much more…

It has the elegance of Shangri- La
Luxury and comfort of an Oakwood
-but with a price much lower than a Microtel…

If asked to describe one’s stay at the Avenue Plaza Hotel

SULIT(to borrow Ms. Kris Aquino's word from a commercial)
is the right word to say.


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