Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trader’s Hotel, Manila, a Shangri- la in Disguise

Trader’s Hotel, Manila
 a Shangri- la in Disguise

Traveling to other countries from  CamSur 
where there are no direct international flights...
...we have no choice  but to fly to Manila for our connecting flight .

 I wouldn’t mind getting stuck with my family in an airport for day,
say in Changi Airport in Singapore....
but  staying in NAIA for more than 3 hours is a different story.

It would be practical to get a hotel room 
where the family could relax while waiting for the next flight.
 Trader’s Hotel has been our favorite
transit hotel whenever we travel abroad.

Photo credit: Trader's Hotel Manila Webpage

  It’s just few minutes away from the airport...
 and they have comfortable accommodations at budget rates...

Our  favorite is their one bedroom suite- 
which we always book if we need to stay overnight 
for an early morning international  flight.

They have a huge
living room and study-

 Bedrooms are really big with lots of space 
where children can play and run around...

 Trader's Hotel executive suites are the most comfortable
and most spacious budget hotel rooms that we’ve ever been to.

 If our connecting flight is less than 12 hours-
 it is more practical to stay in  their standard club rooms...

 Where we could just
sit and laze around, 

....enjoy the magnificent view
 of Manila Bay from the window...

...or  sleep
in their comfy bed...

....or dine on their
broad and impeccable buffet spread...

....while waiting
for our next flight.

 Trader’s Hotel carries the Shangri- la brand 
of quality and service...
 ...but not the price.

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