Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Papa Krispy’s Grilled Lechon House, Horribly Delicious

Papa Krispy’s Grilled Lechon House
Most Delicious Lechon in the World
the Westpark, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

This odd looking restaurant in Westpark kept my family coming back
as they serve the most delicious food in this part of the world.

It is owned by a Chef, who I understand used to be an OFW
but opened his own restaurant and cooks the goodies by himself.

The restaurant décor looks horribly strange.
Loud colors in the interiors…

…clashing with the bizarre plastic fruits and flowers
found in every nook and cranny of the restaurant.

But who cares aboutthe tasteless ambiance?
We kept on coming back for their tasty food…

And you wouldn’t even notice the dreadful interiorsby the time
 they serve the food as you would be closing your eyes most of the
 time to savor one of the best tasting culinary experience your life.

They serve the most delicious lechon in the world
I don’t know what they stuffed in it
before roasting-  but  it actually tastes great… tastes do good that you wouldn't even need the 
Chef's Special Lechon  Sauce. Papa Krispy’s Lechon
 is to die for- literally and figuratively.

They also have wide selection of Asian cuisine
and all of them tastes great.

But the lechon alone is worth
coming back to Papa Krispy’s
again and again and again….


  1. We have been to Papa Krispy, the plastic fruits are gone. The lechon is really the best. Thank yiu for this review.

    1. They took off the plastic flowers and fruits?

      Somehow I feel sad about it. My comment was not meant as a sarcasm rather than as a paradox or say a hyperbole.

      I believe the plastic fruits and flowers provide a character unique only to Papa Krispy.

      Put those plastic fruits back- they’re the restaurant’s lucky charm.

      Anyway, with or without the plastic décor- Papa Krispy is one of the best restaurants in Naga City.

  2. Papa Krispy has moved to Penafrancia Avenue. Same good food, different location.

  3. how much now is the price of lechon in papa krispy ... i'll be home for christmas and wanna try this out been craving for pork lechon here but you know in middle east hehe :))

    1. I have not been to Papa Crispy's for about a year. They moved to Penafrancia Avenue, where it is rather difficult to find a parking space. I don't know how much their lechon costs this time.