Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Restaurante Caceres: Awesome Spanish Cuisine (Medieval Caceres Series 13)

Restaurante Caceres 
Awesome Spanish Cuisine
Medieval Caceres Series 13

From the Caceres weekend market we
dropped by at the Restaurante Caceres,


…to dine,


The restaurant has a lovely al fresco area,



…that offers an awesome view of the  
Plaza Mayor and the Arco de Estrella, 


It was late in the afternoon and
we have been walking the whole
day without having any lunch.


So when the served the warm bread with the Surtido De Ibéricos
that had an assortment of Spanish cold cuts, it rapidly disappeared
 from our table as we gobbled them up like there was no tomorrow. 


We loved the vegetable soup listed in a kilometric
Spanish name in the menu: Crema De Verduras
Con Crujiente De Queso Migas Extremeñas Con
Huevo, Pimentón y Pimiento Frito. It was cheesy
and had a delightfully perfect spice of paprika.


The Risotto de Setas y Gambas, a porridge like rice
dish was addicting. The pleasantly tart mushroom blended
perfectly with the flavorful bits and pieces of shrimps.


The perfectly pan seared Pescado Del Día, 
made of fresh boneless cod fish, flavored with
aromatic hers and spices was very delicious.
My son loved it, didn’t want to let go of the fish
and found it difficult to share it with everyone else.

The Lomo Asado con Salsa de Manzana was also
very delicious. The full tangy flavor of apple sauce
blending perfectly the roasted tender pork loin slabs.


We ended our meal with the creamy sweet
cookies we bought from the weekend market.


It was our penultimate day in Caceres, and we were
happy the we chose to dine at Restaurante Caceres,


…as it gave us a delicious culinary conclusion on
our visit to this wonderful ancient city in Spain.

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