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Queijadas de Belem: Tasting Lisbon’s Classic Cuisine, Lovely Lisbon Series 5

Queijadas de Belem   
Tasting Lisbon’s Classic Cuisine
Lovely Lisbon Series 5

It was late in the afternoon and we were starving 
after a long noontime walk at the Tejo Estuary, 
and we stumbled upon Queijadas de Belem.


We browsed their menu displayed outside
the restaurant and found out that they serve a
 wide variety of traditional Portuguese cuisine,
and since we really wanted to sample the
city’s local dishes, we decided to dine there.


Queijadas de Belem is a decent looking
restaurant with nice alfresco dining area,

…but dined indoors as we were attracted by    the lovely 
baby blue interiors, that made the restaurant appear 
refreshing and and much cooler on a very hot day.


Portuguese cuisine it is famous for fresh seafood
with a strong Mediterranean influence because of
its proximity to Tagus River and Atlantic Ocean.


Sardines is Portugal’s top fish produce that any
tourist visiting the country should not miss.
The Sardinhas Assadas com Salada, known as
Grilled Sardines with Mixed Salad in English had
plenty of bones, but very fresh and mouth-watering.
The good thing is, it was perfectly grilled so the
meat  pulls away from the bones with a tug of a fork.
One would just have to  look at what he is putting in
his  mouth, take time and savor the delicious fresh fish.

Salted cod fish is a popular processed seafood in Portugal.
The Bacalhau na Brasa or Grilled Codfish was surprisingly
tender and tasted fresh and very tasty. I was glad as I was
expecting a rubbery, briny dried  fish similar to its smelly
‘tuyo’ counterparts here in the Philippines. It wasn’t salty at all.

Of course one should never forget having Grilled Salmon
when feasting on seafood. Called  Salmao Grejaldo in
Portuguese, this was perfectly grilled and had a sweetish,
very fresh taste. One of the best grilled salmon we ever had.

So far was had a great lunch at the Queijadas de Belem
The service was good and  an the food was excellent.


It is located near the main tourist attractions
and just a few steps away from the tram that
connects Belem to Lisbon’s lovely city center.

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