Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tram 28: Riding Lisbon’s History (Lovely Lisbon Series 16)

Tram 28
Riding Lisbon’s History
Lovely Lisbon Series 16

The yellow trams are called Remodelado or
 re-modeled as these trams date from the 1930s.;   

Yes, these charming rickety trams are old and would been consigned
 to a museum in other countries- but in Lisbon they are still in use and 
one of the most sought after mode of transportation among tourists.


Called Tram 28, it connects some of the most
popular and most historic tourist attractions
as it passes through districts of Graca, Alfama,
Baixa and Estrela, a dream route for visitors. 


We took the Tram in front
of the Fabrica Das Engiuas,


…to the Miraduro de Santa Luzia,  

...on our way to the 
Castelo de Sao Jorge.

We again rode it  from Portas do Sol,

...on our way to the Lisbon Se.

The tram ride took us back to the past
as it had traditional wood benches and
still had those old looking dials and levers,

…with an added fear factor that the tram was old  
and the brakes may fail as it navigates the steep
and winding narrow roads, full tight scary turns.

A ride on the Tram 28 provides one of 
the best classic historic tours of the city ,

...and a main highlight of my family’s Lisbon holiday.

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