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Lisbon Eats: Eating on a Budget in Lisbon (Lovely Lisbon Series 20)

Lisbon Eats 
Eating on a Budget in Lisbon
Lovely Lisbon Series 20 

Eating on a budget in Lisbon is easy
as dining here is not as expensive
compared other European countries.

Restaurants are aplenty in popular
tourist areas offering traditional
Portuguese dishes at affordable rates.

Lisbon, being a port city offers an abundance
of seafood and  below are a must eat, must try
seafood dishes for anyone visiting this lovely city


1. Sardines

We were lucky to have dined in
Queijadas de Belem Restaurant,

...where we enjoyed a huge serving
of Sardinhas Assadas com Salada.

There were lots of fine bones on the
perfectly grilled fish but they are
harmlessly edible and very delicious.

2. Bacalhau

It the Philippines have‘tuyo’ or dried fish Portugal has Bacalhau.
A traditional dish made salted and sun dried cod fish, that had to
be soaked in water for hours before cooking to reduce the salt level.
Queijadas de Belem Restaurant’s Bacalhau na Brasa was perfectly
grilled, very tender, tasted fresh it was very tasty wasn’t salty at all.

Another Bacalhau dish that we tried was 
Cod with Cream from Comidas de Santiago. 


The bite size tasty flaked cod fish was baked with creamy 
 mashed potatoes as a base. It was very delicious,   
and was served piping hot, fresh from the oven.

3. Salmon

Of course when feasting on seafood in Lisbon,
one should never forget having a salmon. The
Salmao Grejaldo in Queijadas de Belem was
one of the best grilled salmon we ever tasted. 

The perfectly grilled fish was fresh and pinkish,
and had a delightfully citrusy- sweetish taste. 

Canned Eel 

Fabrica Das Enguias  has been producing 
Pickled Canned Eel in Escabeche Sauce.
This exotic delicacy since 1942, based on
traditional methods of olden days and the
secret recipe handed down for generations.

Interestingly, the whole eel all coiled up inside 
 the can looked  creepy buy tasted very good


1. Farturas

We were lucky as we stumbled upon a street
food stall in Campo Grande selling Farturas.

These elongated Portuguese sugar raised donuts
shaped like giant churros are delicious and filling.

2. Pastéis de Nata from Pasteis de Belém  

Portuguese custard tarts or Pastéis de Nata 
baked from the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém.

  Using the original secret recipe created by the monks   
from the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos comes recommended
by locals, by  tourism authorities, and by almost every
guidebook,  which explains the long lines on the door.

This delightful dessert nirvana of creamy
custard nestled in a perfectly baked golden
pie crust, should be lightly dusted with
cinnamon and sprinkled with sugar powder.

Ice Pops

Nestle's Calippo Laranja

Nestle Ice Cream Booths are
scattered everywhere in the city,

…and we got really addicted to the 
Callipo Laranja Flavored Ice Pops.


We loved the orange goodness
of this delicious icy delight,

…as unlike a regular ice cream, thetexture was 
neither creamy nor velvety but you could actually 
feel the bits andpieces of tangy- orange flavored 
ice frost melting in your mouth in every bite.

It is very delicious, refreshing  and addicting.

Paris was our first stop for this European
vacation and despite being considered by
many as the culinary capital of the world,

…we enjoyed to food more here in Lisbon as the
dishes  are more complex, tastier and yet affordable.

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