Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Miraduro das Portas do Sol: Viewdeck to History (Lovely Lisbon Series 14)

Miraduro das Portas do Sol 
Viewdeck to History 
Lovely Lisbon Series 14

After dining at the Comidas de Santiago,
we walked down a steep cobbled alley 
and ended at the Largo das Portas do Sol. 

The Largo das Portas do Sol is a street in the historic
quarter of Alfama named  from the old Puerta del Sol,
a part the Moorish fence that existed here long time ago
butwas destroyed by the great earthquake of 1755.

The statue of the city's patron saint, St. Vincent,

…holding the symbols of Lisbon,
a boat with two ravens serves as
a centerpiece of a small square.  

Largo das Portas do Sol is surrounded by
beautiful earth-toned buildings and this is
a popular spot for tourists and photographers, 

…because of the Miraduro das Portas do Sol 
that offers a s stunning panoramic view of Lisbon, 

…from São Vicente de Fora Church,

…to the ancient brick- roofed houses
and on to the historic Tagus River.  

The Miraduro das Portas do Sol is a perfect place 
to stop and rest after visiting the São Jorge Castle.

The Lisbon Cathedral is also
located few blocks downhill

…making the Portas do Sol viewpoint and ideal
for an impromptu break in between visiting these
two major attractions as it is located in between.

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